By Apga Uk

APGA UK has observed with dismay Gov Peter Obi's methods of destroying our great party through Maxi Okwu and his co travelers. We understand that the overall goal of the judiciary system is to provide justice, settle disputes and interpret laws in Nigeria or in any given country but all these facts have been defied by Gov Peter Obi in his quest to destroy our great party. It is very hard to believe the egocentricity of our leaders towards our democracy.

APGA as a political party has her constitution that guides the members and executive members of our great party and I still want to know the section of the constitution that allows an expelled member to re enter the party without due process taking place. Maxi Okwu was expelled from APGA on the 12th January 2005 and he has since become the Chairman of Citizens Peoples Party (CPP). Obi' motive of bringing Maxi Okwu to APGA has not only exposed him but the move has shown that he is a man with an unstable character that is not fit to be a Governor.

Anambra people are not fools anymore that Gov Peter Obi and Maxi Okwu will be taking us for a ride. The final onslaught from Maxi Okwu with Justice Ozor has nailed his political coffin for good. A lower court can never over turn the decision of a higher court and we are not sure where Maxi Okwu read his own law. APGA UK will not fold our hands and watch political jobbers like Maxi Okwu embarrass our great party.

Maxi Okwu has seen a cheap way of making money from Gov Peter Obi, who has refused to give back to APGA what the party gave him for seven years. They are only distracting sycophants in Anambra state but there will be no room for people like Gov Obi and his co travelers to deceive the real APGA members. This self acclaimed lawyer has demonstrated once again that he lacks the power to analyze law verdicts and read between political lines. Since Mr Peter Obi became the Governor of Anambra State he has not moved our great party forward and we are the only State that has no Senator from the ruling party. It is very clear that people refused to adopt any of his candidates due to his divide and rule style of governance.

Maxi Okwu should leave APGA from the back door he entered and it is a big shame that a man that called our late leader Dim Ojukwu an extremist is dining with Gov Obi. The Governor must account for the money he has been wasting in distracting our great party. Making unguided statements in public will not authenticate his illusive position in Gov Obi's faction of APGA because the INEC boss Attahiru Muhammadu Jega is a very principled man that respects the rule of law. Chief Judge of Enugu State Justice Innocent Uwazulike and his Anambra State counterparts Justice Hope Ozor has disgraced Nigeria judiciary system by their kangaroo interpretation of the law. Corrupt Judges destroys democracy of any Nation and it leads to anarchy, so we urge Aloma Mukhtah to act fast to restore peoples confidence in the judiciary.

While addressing the issue of APGA in Diaspora, the APGA UK Chairman Owelle Onyeka Mbaso tasked members to be good ambassadors of our great party and desist from activities that will bring disrepute to the party. The primary aim of Diaspora Chapters is to help in promoting good governance in Nigeria with our vast western knowledge of democracy. Nigeria and Anambra State in particular is still under developed because the leaders have turned themselves into political sycophants. We advise those elected government officials to see leadership as service and not an avenue to intimidate or loot state treasury.

We want to assure all our APGA members that Gov Obi will not destroy our struggles. We shall overcome this turbulence caused by ungrateful people in our great party and we shall become stronger to face the challenges of the 21st century politics. Maxi Okwu as far as APGA is concerned has no bearing and he should desist from insulting our national leadership. He knows that Gov Peter Obi will dump him soon, so he is trying to make the most out his unexpected opportunity.

We advise Mr Peter Obi to learn from Nigeria political history about people that followed this part he is trading on to install a successor. Obi will not succeed in his illusive ambition because his seven and half years of governance were full of deceits. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu and so many other politicians did that but it all back fired on them. Anambra people must definitely choose their next governor and not an individual choosing for us.

On behalf of all APGA members, APGA UK will like to commend Chief Sir Victor Umeh, APGA National Working Committee Members and Alhaji Sani Shinkafi for sustaining the movement with their exemplary leadership qualities. We urge our APGA leaders not to be distracted by Gov Obi, Maxi Okwu and their co travelers in piloting the affairs of our great party because they will all fizzle away very soon. They don't have long term vision for APGA. APGA UK will not recognize Maxi Okwu's faction and our allegiance is with Chief Sir Victor Umeh who is the authentic National Chairman of APGA.