Do Ladies With Tattoos More Likely To Be S3x Freak?

Source: Babajide Ogunbumi/

Recent survey carried out by a team of France's Universite de Bretagne-sud led by a professor says that females with tattoo on their bodies are more likely to be s3xy freak and sleep with men on the first date.

Obviously, the reverse is the case in Nigeria as many of our so called celebrities who have tattoo inscription on their body is either they want to join the bandwagon or crazy. Not most of them are se% freak.

The study carried out on the beaches of Brittany during the summers gave out 11 university-aged women who had been rated as the most attractive out of a group of 58 visited the beach 20 times during the summer, wearing a temporary tattoo on their lower back 50% of the time and with clean skin the rest of the time.

When women were displaying the tattoos researchers found that the men were more likely to approach and then chat with them, as well as being quicker in making their approach.

Though, our so-called celebrities who have tattoos, can reveal, are rated 'big girls' here, they seem to belong to a certain social strata and this tend to make them feel cool. Virtually all the women in the entertainment industry who have tattoo are in one way or the other controversial, no one with it that does not have one scandal or the other trailing her.

The names are endless, people like, Tonto Dikeh, Rukky Sanda, Halima Abubakar, Oge Okoye, Fathia Balogun, Anita Joseph, etc.

Now,, questions of the day is: Do all these Nigeria entertainers are likely to sleep with men on their first date or they are just doing it to feel among?

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