Exclusive: “Get Rid Of Negative People Around You and You Will See Yourself At The Top”, Nollywood Actor Moses Efret

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Moses Efret is a Nollywood Actor from Akwa-ibom State. He is from a Family of three boys and three girls, and the last in his family.

This talented Actor is not a new face in Nollywood even though his face has been scare for sometime now in movies though he has continued his acting career in the US where he now resides.

Recently, the talented actor grabbed the mic just like some actors in Nollywood , but rather choses a different path by doing what he has always enjoys doing which is, praising and worshipping God with his sonorous voice.

In this interview, Moses bares his mind on his new project, album launch and other things, enjoy excerpts.

Briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

My Name is Moses Efret, I am an Actor, a Gospel Singer, And CEO Mofret Entertainment International.

You left the shores of Nigeria and settled abroad, any possibility of you returning anytime soon?

Yes, it is true I left Nigeria. But I wouldn't say I relocated completely, I was just taking care of some projects, and I will be in Nigeria this Summer for my Album Release and some movie project, I probably will be more frequent in Nigeria than the State.

Tell us briefly about your new project?

About my new project, it's a different side of Moses Efret. It's a Gospel Album Titled: 'NA MY TIME', Produced by different renounced producer in Nigeria and the States. It is set to be released in the States on May 19th 2013, and to be released in Nigeria in July or August 2013.

A brief insight on your recent movie ”Le Silence Pure”?

”Le Silence Pure” is A Nigeria/ Congo Movie, that was shot in Portland Main USA, It's a beautiful family story for every home, it will be in the theatre this Summer. And may be on DVD before the end of the year.

Tell us about your journey into the music industry, since when did you discover your talent for singing?

About Singing, I have been singing since I was a teenager. I was the Music Director in RCCG Household of Faith for some years, I was also the Assistant Provincial Music Director in RCCG then LP15, and I am a Lead Singer in Trinity House Lagos Nigeria.

In the USA, I am a singer in Perfected Praise Choir of RCCG Jesus House DC USA. I have raised many Choirs from different denomination in Africa and in the United States.

I am The Music Director in Abundant Life Center CAC WOSEM Lanham Branch USA. I am also the Music Director in MFM Rockville USA. I served as a worship Leader in RCCG Salvation Center, San Antonio, Texas for a while. I produced my first Single titled “Halle-lujah” in summer 2012. I'm currently under the Management of DeeDee Records

Who are the guest artiste billed for your album launch?

The Guest Artist for my Album lunch are some good gospel artist here in the States, Bunmi Dada, Lani, Olubunmi, Benjamin Joseph, Ladi of Port Images etc. It is to be hosted by well fed Comedian of the Federal Republic: “Jedi”.

Why gospel and not contemporary music?

I chose Gospel music, Because I believe It is better for me to use my talent to praise God than to sing circular music. Besides being an Actor, I am also a lover of God and I am a worshiper.

Did you feature any artiste (local/foreign) in any of your single/track?

Yes, I featured the following artist: From Nigeria: Dekunle Fuji and Segun Obey, In USA: Olubunmi, Benjamin Joseph, Bunmi Dada and Jumbo.

Who are the artistes you would like to work with in the future and why him/her?

I will like to work with Tim Godfrey, I like his style of music, it is not far from my style, also Buqie the rapper, because I need a feel of rap in some of my songs, Mike Aremu for the unique feel of Sax Keffi and many More!

If you were not in the entertainment industry what would you be doing?

If I was not in entertainment, I would've loved to be a Secret Agent (FBI).

What do you think about the high rate of p0rn0graphy and n*dity that has swept into nollywood?

I strongly detest p0rn0graphy and n*dity in our movies, our movie is supposed to be for the family entertainment, but you can't be free to watch with your family because you can't tell what is going to happen next. I believe we should still acknowledge that we are Africans and not the western.

Message to your fans and youths out there?

My Message to my fans and youth: You can be who and whatever you wanna be if you believe in God and in yourself, don't let anybody tell you, you can't do it. Get rid of negative people around you, and you will see yourself at the top. Thank you for all your love and support, I know you may not have been seeing my movies like before, but I promise you to look out for them from now because I have shot over 8 good movies lately that will get on your screen soon, and more project are on the way. Please support my music; buy the original CD when it is available, you can buy them online as well very soon on: iTunes, Cdbaby,amazonemp3, Spotify, Rhapsody and many more. Look out for my website, to be lunched this summer.

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