By Theodora ibekwe

Seemed like a routine stop for faulty brake lights, however, the veteran accountant, actor and associate producer soon found he was in hot water.

He recounts his experience:
“Would you step out of the car sir?”
Ayo steps out of the car and walks over to the policeman. “Have you any form of identity on you?” he asks, Ayo replies, “Sure” and looks through his wallet and extracts his driver's licence.

“Would you come to the car with me?” the policeman leads the way to the police car, sits down, picks up a Bluetooth keyboard and begins to type in Ayo's details. “You will notice that we are a special squad ANPR – Automatic Number Plate recognition. Your name has been reported in association with your car number for drunk driving.”

“What?” Ayo retorts, “Has someone stolen my identity.”

“I don't think so,” he replied, “however, it looks like someone has reported that the driver of your car is a drink driver. Your full details were provided, name as it appears on your licence and date of birth.”

“Hmmm, I wonder…”
The policeman further asked how long Ayo had owned the car or if anyone else drives the car. Ayo replied him. The system brought up details from the report filed. Ayo's first, second and surname pop up with his date of birth. Flagged for drink driving – restricted!!!

Looks like the culture of snitching (Australians call it dobbing in) is well and truly. It appears that someone who holds a deep seated grudge against Ayo has decided to have the police harass him.

“We can see that someone is being mischievous. On this occasion, I will not give you a ticket for the faulty brake lights. You may still get stopped, just explain the situation.”

Na wah oh. So people dey lie for police to get other people for trouble.

Who has Ayo upset? He says he is now in hiding for his life as his enemies may attempt to attack him or even put out a contract on him to have him beaten up! Extreme? Your comments, please.

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