'What Happened Between Me and Uche Ogbodo' - Harrysong Issues Statement

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

I am forced to speak on the picture of myself and actress Uche Ogbodo being circulated around the web following queries from fans and well wishers. I was going to let it play like any other joke but I was stunned when a fan recently - should I say excited fan - attacked me verbally on a radio station where I dropped by to talk about being a part of 2face's Campus connect tour.

First, Uche Ogbodo is a very dear friend but we are not dating. She's more of a sister to me and not a lover. I believe a peck doesn't necessarily translate to an affair but I could be wrong. Maybe it is not common amongst my colleagues to own up during an affair but I can assure you that we are not an item. In all modesty, Writing hit songs for my colleagues like 'Limpopo' by KCee and Omotola Ekeinde, recording my own songs (working on a new single), still promoting my new video for 'I'm in love' remix with Olamide as well readying another video possibly for my track with Timaya would be a lot to combine with a relationship, at this point.

So what happened? The picture was taken on my birthday which took place at Elegushi beach late at night hence it was not complimentary (on a lighter note, I am quite a good looking man so is Uche, very good looking lady! that picture didn't do us justice) We were partying which should explain the circumstance the picture was taken.

Threesomes also don't happen at parties, a mutual friend watched on as She planted a 'peck' (quick kiss) on my lips and we giggled afterwards.
Please see it as the lighthearted activity that it was and nothing more.

My apologies to only fans who found it less pleasing and thank you for all the support.

Unto matta,