Jos Genocide: Will the PDP sanction Jang?

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If the Governor Jonah Jang led PDP administration in Plateau state have a human face the recent Jos genocide could not had occur as it could have put all the machinery in place to avert the wanton destruction of lives and properties. And, if he had answered the calls of Nigerians during the 2008 Jos crisis by resigning, the state could have been saved from this genocide.

Ethno-religious conflicts are not new in Nigeria , but none have drawn the attention of the whole world like the recent killings now known as the Jos Genocide. With Jang on saddle of power as the Chief Security Officer of Plateau state, he misuses his powers by blindly rigging the Local Government elections of November 2008 for his party the PDP which led to deaths of hundreds of innocent citizens and destruction of properties worth billions of Naira.

Also recently due to his in competency another round of killings erupted which also led to killings of unarmed civilians , women , the old and even babies, not to talk of properties destroyed. Never in the history of Nigeria that a conflict as such was ever regarded as genocide except the recent Jos killings.

With committee of inquiry put in place and Human Rights Organizations fighting for justice on behalf of those innocently killed. The PDP have not yet taken any action against its party member Jonah Jang.

The PDP might claim that Jang remains innocent until he is found guilty by the court of law; all the same it shows that he is not fit, capable and competent to lead a state in a multi-ethnic, cultural and religious country like Nigeria . The essence of leadership in democratic settings is to provide enable environment for betterment of mankind, not to bring upon citizens deaths and destructions.

The Jos crisis of 2008 directly involves the PDP, up till today the party has not distance itself with the so-called victory that led to deaths, destructions and displacement of thousands of citizens. On the recent Jos genocide, the PDP have not look Jang straight in the face and tell him that he is not competent to rule Plateau state and therefore advise him to resign. All are pointing accusing fingers at Jang for not doing what is right by seeing to support a particular ethnic group during the Jos killings.

Knowing the Nigerian factor, Jang may soon start seeking for a second term in office. The manner he handle the last Local government elections in Plateau state cannot guarantee the re-occurrence of another round of killings if he seeks for a second term. The PDP should for the sake of Nigeria 's unity and humanity in general use whatever means to deny Jang ticket under its platform. I am sure it is not among the manifesto of the PDP, death, destruction and displacement of citizens of any state within the country.

Other political parties in Nigeria should also deny Jonah Jang ticket to contest under their platforms, as insensitive and in competent people should not be allowed to rule as their failure gives Nigeria the image of a brutal primitive society.

Not only Jang , people in his class should not be allow to near any seat of power v, any Chief Security Officer of his state that cannot protect the lives and properties of his subjects should not be given another chance to contest by any of our political parties.

By now in developed and civilized societies if Plateau state government happen to be one it should have since embark on rebuilding houses , shops e.t.c destroyed during the crisis and have gone far in paying compensations to families of those killed. Shamelessly to Jang's administration it cannot even cushion the sufferings of those in refugee camps.

Jang's in competency is a threat to Nigeria 's Unity, Should we allow it to happen again? And the only way to stop it' re-occurrence is the Federal Government should keep it's word by bringing to book all those involved in the Jos genocide.

As for the PDP once again, save Nigeria's unity by not allowing in competent people as in case of Plateau state , any opportunity to contest in future elections so as not to find ourselves in a situation that can completely destroy the country.

Shehu Mustapha Chaji

[email protected]