By Ugochukwu Favour-Mayor

The City of Houston Texas, the airwaves, and the world in general will be thrilled as artists converge on May 19th, 2013 in Houston Texas for a solidarity Project tagged “Bright Light Solidarity Project.”

Speaking to newsmen at the unveiling of the initiative, Franco Bonghan, the CEO of Records said everywhere in the world, people are starving, hunger and poverty remain the most important threats to human civilization.

“Technology is growing at a very fast pace, yet, these advances in technology only help to make the world more dangerous than safe. There is a dire need for solidarity among nations, tribes, regions, and within races to provide a moral foundation for understanding and cooperation. Cultural relativity has never been more important than now as we face great challenges of civil wars,” he said.

He further cited that the Congo women are being killed and raped in their numbers; also in Syria he siad children and women are being killed, “in Jerusalem, we still dream of a lasting peace that will guarantee dignity to both Palestinians and Israel; in Sudan, solution still suffers from the ashes of a 50 year civil war. Dictators around the world are still holding their people in bondage just to survive another day in office”. Emphasizing on the Nigeria crisis, he added that Boko Haram poses a major threat to stability and peace.

Stressing further, Kelly Handsome, 'The bright light Solidarity Project' is a simplistic musical approach in addressing some of these issues, adding that he agreed to be part of the event because, “as musicians and music executives, we owe a duty of leadership to our fans, our families, our countries and to the world to spread awareness through music, what we sing can go a long way to heal the world”.

Other artistes confirmed for the project include, DJ Skeeper (Cameroon), Kelly Hansome (Nigeria), Bernard Pierre(Caribbean Island), Abizzy (Sierra Leone), Max (Ivory Coast), Katumbela(Angola), Roland Ross( Liberia), Rhettie(Dominican Republic), Rahim(Sierra Leone),Mr. V Sax(Nigeria), Zaena(Congo), Supaval (Cameroon), Mercy Myra(Kenya), Drew Carlson(American) and Ngenga(Kenya).