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Wednesday April 17, 2013 was a day that has gone down in history, a shameful day for conservative's one percent Supreme Court judges that decide to choose corporation over people. I could not believe my eyes that it's, happening in America. It was not at all a sad day for me rather it strengthens me more to continue my fight for justice and with God's help I shall succeed. I thank and appreciate the entire minority (liberal judges that did not agree with the cooperate one but concur because they are minority. I know since two months ago that they were going to come up with that, they said shell has small presence in New York and that federal court did not have a jurisdiction. It was shocking to me to read in the conservative's judge's decision that state “ the plaintiff's case against the defendant is primarily about adding and abiding and not shell actually committed alleged crime, even when they did not give me a chance to present my evidence against shell. I will explore other legal options to bring shell to justice for all the human right abuses they committed in Niger Delta and world over against the oppressed, and with God's help I shall succeed. Shell (SPDC) is fighting hard for the case not to be heard at all because shell knows that I do have all the evidence against them. During the deposition at Philadelphia with shells lawyer she was outraged at the first evidence shown to her she was silent for a while and then proceeded to ask me how much I was suing for. I replied her that I wanted justice for my husband and my family. I am challenging them not to run away from justice by corrupting the court system, instead they should prove themselves not guilty in the court. Seeing my husband's killers, the perpetrators of human rights violations out there loosed and free, where as many innocent people are incarcerated around the world is extremely frightening and painful. Nigeria still has my innocent husband name in the book of criminals. I will keep fighting until my husband is declared innocent and the name will be taken out or criminal book because he was not one. My husband Hon Dr Barinem Nubari Kiobel was a man with a prodigious heart that cared for others. A kind hearted man that was selfless. He was a wonderful husband, god-fearing man, brother, good father, and my best friends. He was a man of timber and caliber. He has been very much missed and will always be remembered. His death was a wrong act! Shell also knew that some of the bribed witnesses lived here in America and is afraid not to be exposed. The witnesses were on their payroll at the time and there is lots of evidence. WHAT IS SHELL AFRAID OF???? WHY IS $HELL AFRAID?????????? Somebody please help me by asking $HELL petroleum! L need answer!!!!!!

Esther Kiobel

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