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Mr. IGP, What about the Emergency Declaration on Police training Colleges?

Mr. Mohammed Dahiru Abubakar after being appointed by President Jonathan as the Acting Inspector General of Police made an open declaration about police training institutions in January of 2012. At which time he professed, at least in the public media, that he was going to declare a state of emergency on the Nigerian Police training institutions as they are in need of serious reformation in terms of basic necessities like healthy facilities for sleeping, eating and lectures.

More than one year later after the new police head made his assertion, and asked the public media to be a direct witness to his plans, and requested for “prayers” is now faced with an open question.

The declaration of the emergency was apparently never realized as evidenced with the recent events, but the IG may very well have a set of good reasons for the non-realization of the emergency plans.

His leadership and administrations have demonstrated the least evidence of backing up his promise, as the training centers and colleges, at least from the point of the historical Police College in Ikeja, Lagos, which remains a spot and site of national humiliation, shame and outrage.

As we all know President Jonathan made a surprise visit to the Ikeja Police College and reportedly found the whole place Unbelievable! The President's visit was in response to the good and bold work of the media. The Nigerian people were told that the President found the entire place especially the boardinghouses, college kitchen, dining hall and other places almost beyond human living.

This was certainly a good move by the president but he showed unfortunately, the usual signs of Nigerian Emotional Democracy (NED) when he expressed a peculiar concern about when and how the Channels TV was able to film the rot and deterioration in the college.

Mr. Jonathan reportedly showed anger and viewed the documentary by the TV station as a smear campaign, no, Mr. President, you are totally wrong! What does it matter?

It is true that the police college in Ikeja is not the only training ground in Nigeria. But one thing is clear, the Ikeja police school is a place where current and futureofficials of national security are supposed to learn the science and profession of police work.

But how can this be done in the face of being punished with an environment that is negative for healthy mental processing, a place with overflowing space for physical disease, and an environmental ground with constant exposure to burden of invisible ailments, resulting in possible disability, or likely premature death.

Mr. President, as you may know training grounds generally have significant impact on the human body and mind as well as on one's future behaviors.

A trainee's ready access to necessities like healthy food, accommodation, and even restrooms could affect how he or she behave months and years to come; particularly, when the time comes for him or her to become active as police man or woman on the streets and in the public.

Mr. President, now that the Nigerian Army Engineering Corps is giving a helping hand in rehabilitating the police college which is the essence partnership in a democracy, a healthy smell from the new or updated lavatories, classrooms and hostels, will no doubt enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of these trainees.

Mr. President, your openness in allowing the Army to give a helping hand as we have seen in other democratic or presidential societies like America, where the Army corps of engineers always come to rescue in time of urgency is fully noticeable.

This move of yours should be commended, and be expanded to other institutions, especially, when the expending of funds is not the only way to engage in the maintenance of institutions in Nigeria.

As we all know, many projects in Nigeria are being handled sometime in an evil and selfish manner, especially by those filled with the spirit of psychopathy which has eaten so deep into the mind of many powerful persons.

And it matters not whether the Ministry of Police Affairs or the Nigeria Police is in control of police funds in regards to the annual budgetary allocations for sectors like the training colleges.

Especially, when some of these so-called leaders appear to suffer from what could be called the mentality of schizonaira or perceptual craving for corrupt money which remains prevalent in the society?

If it is true that the IG is partnering with the private sector to work on improving the police force that is a good thing as that is what is expected in our new global community where the spirit of corporate social responsibility is valued. Many Nigerians will agree that this is not the time to blame each other as it relates to who should take charge of funding or whether it is the functionof the Ministry of Police Affairs, the Nigeria Police or even the Police service commission to clean the current mess; as each of these sections did not scream out publicly until the God-sent documentary was aired by Channels television station.

This type of media exposure in regards to the accumulated and ongoing consequences of schizonaira behaviors, conducts, and deeds in Nigeria is just what the people need at this time. Thank God for this courageous form of the media, it is about time!

John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D.
[email protected]

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