Governors Forum: Beyond Searching for VP


Sir,Until it became late in the day, the Nigeria Governors Forum have been playing hide-and-seek game in coming out sincerely with appreciable contribution to the national

discourse on the looming danger created by the absence of President Yar'Adua. Whatever they come out with now is too late. The international community has even overtaken them: USA, UK and other EU countries have made their stands known and have requested us to see the danger it portends to Nigeria if the situation should be dragged further.

The former heads of governments, some past top federal ministers and senators have also made it clear that the Vice President should be allowed to act as President till the possibility of Yar'Adua being fit or out of the life-support machine.

What the Governors forum, collectively and individually have been doing are just permutations on how it would favour them, especially those seeking second term and/or seeking to be the next Vice President after which they would ascend as the President.

We have heard of Goje of Bauchi and Akpabio of Akwa Ibom planning a joint-ticket for 2011; they have never denied this since it started making the media rounds. We have heard of Olusola Saraki planning; we have heard how Isa Yuguda (Yar'adua's son-in-law), so also Governor Lamido and the Kebbi governor (another of Yar'Adua's son-in-law) – all scheming to be the next president. We have also heard how it was said that the south-south States governors were scheming to ensure that Jonathan does not become President and how the Niger-Delta leaders have been 'begging' the governors not allow it so. The governors have scheduled and rescheduled meetings unending till now that it has become clear to them that time was up for their tinkering. All these governors are behaving and planning as if they are God.

For all we know, Jonathan must be president and whether he continues after 2011 is not for the Senate or anyone to determine. It is for Nigerians to so determine and God gives His approval.

Simon Ufie, 44 Balogun Street, Oshodi, Lagos

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