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The War is On: Basketmouth vs

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A friend of mine called my attention to an interview given by stand-up comedian Basketmouth recently in which among other things he complains about haters and tracks them back to of all places.

Now let this be very clear: as a movie critic, I can understand backlash, I give it to people in the industry all the time. I can even understand he doesn't like the way things are run up here. I can also understand that he doesn't like the CEO and the staff. Totally. What I don't understand, is his criticism of our readership. That's why the war is on.

Said it before and saying it again now, the forums are a place of free exchange where everyone can share their minds with others.

You don't even need to register. I regularly read the forums and what springs to my mind everytine is this: first of all, our forums are a place of tough love. forumites will give it to you the way it is. They speak their minds openly and this brings the place alive in so many ways and on so many levels. Passionate points of view are traded sometimes violently, but it's always funny and with good intentions.

Secondly, has the best informed and up-to-date forumites online. Ever. They are always on point with whatever is going on and they never miss a detail on whatever subject there is. They know the facts and keep up with them to a fault. You can't lie to them.

So, my brother Basketmouth, here is to you: here on forums we will tell it to you the way it is and if you are telling true lies or false truths in your interviews, our forumites will rat you out. If you have an issue with the truth, which is obviously the case here, stay away from And warn your entourage as well. Don't let them give you a headache for nothing.

There's no hate here, only tough love. Instead of running your mouth in second hand publications dissing us, you should take this as an opportunity for growth and development. Read our forums and learn. We want you to continuously grow, improve and become better than you are.

And last, but not least a huge big-up to our readership around the world. I read your comments on a daily basis and they help us grow and improve. We yearn for the tough love that is sometimes directed at us and we see it as a means to boost our motivation to keep ahead of the pack.

Now get behind those keyboards and give our brother Basketmouth all the tough love you can! Like only you know how.