Glo Ambassador and one of the star actresses in Nollywood, Uche Jumbo is reported to have recently aborted a 6-month old pregnancy she allegedly said to have for her (ex) lover, Uche Okechukwu, the soccer star.

It started like a drama some months back when Uche started having some strange feeling in her body system, according to close sources, she went for a text and it was discovered that she was a few months gone. On hearing this good news, we squealed that, she made a call to the man who was supposed to be responsible for the fetus in her belly, Uche Okechukwu, but it was like a shock to her when the soccer star vehemently denied taking responsibility of that.

In a confused state of mind, Uche Jombo, we were reliable informed, jetted out of the country to see if she could appease her lover to, at least, accept the pregnancy after all, she's financially ok to take good care of the baby, but we heard that all her efforts proved abortive as Uche Okechukwu never consented to that kind of arrangement.

Before Uche left for her trip, it was noticeable about the increase in her size and tummy, in fact, everybody who saw her then could tell that she had taking-in but her return back to the country few months after, she was looking so pale like someone who has not eating for a whole month. At the wedding of Tricia Eseigbe, Uche Jombo who was sighted amongst her colleagues was a shadow of her old self as a lot of her colleagues who greeted her later went back to comment about her skeletal shape.

If you see Uche Jombo lately, you will agree with me that definitely something is not right somewhere as far as her health is concerned. A report in one of the soft-sell journals in Lagos recently started that Uche was contacted and she was adamant about the whole issue until when she was later said to have told the reporter that “for me not to have responded quickly, that should tell you that I am not interested in that kind of talk.”

We shall keep you posted as event unfolds…

Story by Aye Somodika