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All things being equal, the manifesto, constitution and legal compliance of the All Progressive Congress (APC) will be ready in a fortnight.

This was revealed by Chief Tom Ikimi, yesterday, during the inauguration of the 60-member Constitution, Manifesto and INEC/Legal Compliance committees of APC.

The chairman of the merger committee of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Chief Tom Ikimi, also listed 31-terms of reference to guide the committees.

While each of the committees has 20 members drawn from the four merging parties, ACN, ANPP, CPC and APGA, the INEC/Legal Compliance committee has 5-point term of reference, but Constitution and Manifesto committees have 13-point terms of reference apiece.

The terms of reference for the Constitution committee include, 'Examine the constitutions of al merging partners in detail and analyse them. Examine political party constitutions from successful democracies with a view to adopting some suitable provisions.

'Design a constitution which provides adequate structures and safeguards for the principle of party supremacy provided that its provisions do not contravene the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

The Manifesto committee's term of reference include, 'While defining the philosophical/ideological content of the APC, clearly distinguishing it from the other party, PDP, you are to fully reflect on the social, economic and political situation prevailing in the country, on the plight of the generality of our people, urban and rural alike, youth and women and prepare a manifesto which addresses the needs, yearnings and concern of our people.

'Social Services such as education, health services, water supply, electricity, clean environment and food supply should enjoy government support wholesomely while industrialisation, agriculture and poverty alleviation should be tackled and promoted through the creation of an enabling environment,' Ikimi announced.