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Selfish Stakeholders Are Bane of Nollywood’s Backwardness –ND Green

By Ugochukwu Favour-Mayor
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Poised to create a new Nollywood where professionalism and selflessness to services would reign supreme amongst its stakeholders and investors in the make-believe industry, renowned property manager cum actor, Ahamefula Henry Ndubuisi otherwise known as ND Green has challenged all to join hands in the buildup of the movie industry in Nigeria.

Speaking, he categorically stated that those at the steer of the industry needs to restrain from the pursuit of selfish interest, and start thinking of the way forward for the general purpose and betterment of all.

The maverick master of ceremony of most top events in the country, however, pointed out that the bane of Nollywood's backwardness is as result of some selfish attitude and interest shown by some stakeholders of the industry, which according to him have made the race for its growth to be a footless one.

“If care is not taking, the Nollywood industry might head to the rock. Why is this so? Some selfish stakeholders are bent on bringing us back. Today, we have men and women who are all partners, investors and stakeholders, but seventy percent of them are selfish and self-centered,” he revealed.

While counseling, he urged that everyone must gather together with one voice, and put a stop to the attitude of impossible and selfishness which according to him had consumed the industry to nothing. He added that they must all shun the mindset of personal interest, which in the past had led the industry to no higher status.

“If actually we must sustain and have that Nollywood of our dream, it must start from our individual responsibilities. Of course, everybody must contribute to the growth and sustenance of it. It is not a one man race, but a collective one. Nobody must make it better for us, except we agree to come together to share one vision of making the industry compete able with our other counterparts,” he said.