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Obansanjo Seeks Détente

By Ejike Arinze
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Abuja 4-02-2013: Former President Olusegun Obasanjo was at the Presidential Villa on Sunday, in a calculated move to seek détente and avoid mutually assured destruction, resulting from his recent frontal engagement of President Goodluck Jonathan. Sources close to the former President, who wishes to remain anonymous, revealed that the decision was not unconnected with some recent high profile acknowledgement of President Jonathan's leadership particularly by international Interests. Although President Jonathan's leadership in supporting the regime change in Libya was quietly acknowledged by the Western powers, his recent commitment of Nigerian troops in Mali has made him a true coalition partner and trusted ally of the West. While testifying before the US House Armed Services Committee last year the Commander of US Military's African Command, General, Carter Ham, had “Confirmed the training and funding links between the al-Qaedafranchise in Mali and the Nigerian terror group” he also stated that “The potential for cooperation among these three groups (al Shabaab, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Boko Haram) with al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and al-Qaeda senior leaders in Pakistan is of particular concern and requires constant monitoring,”With this shared common strategic interests our source disclosed that the West made it clear to former President Obasanjo that they will not tolerate any efforts to undermine President Jonathan. Our source further disclosed that the most recent directive resulted from a recent endorsement of President Jonathan's leadership by Diaspora Nigerians, in a book presented to him during a recent meeting with Diaspora Nigerians in Geneva Switzerland. In the book titled “Effective Leadership in Nigeria, Practical Ways To Build Effective, Inspiring, Transformational and Visionary Leadership and Governance in Nigeria”, the author wrote that “….Nigeria needs a President Jonathan who is bold, resolute, unswerving, doggedly pursuing purposefully laid-out planned and persistent and creative experimentations internationally stitched together to conquer tribalism, bring about unity, forced structural and economic development under a democratic leadership or governance”. It may appear that former President Obasanjo who has depended on the generosity of the West may be making the reconciliation moves not for the love of Jonathan but to preserve his relevance and gravy train.

By Ejike Arinze

Citizen Reporter, Abuja

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