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If you have dated a guy on a regular basis for several months now and suddenly there are some negative changes on his behavior and responses to you. There is a possibility that the guy is no longer interested on you. Here are some of the few signs that you can check on your relationship with him:

1. He doesn't respond on time to your text messages or just ignore it with no explanation.

2. He doesn't answer your call especially during the day and doesn't even bother to return the call. It might be that he is calling someone else and not you anymore.

3. You are the last of his priority of the day. He would only respond to your text message or call you during midnight when he is about to dose off and you have zero communication line with him during the day. He has regarded you as the least important person in his life now.

4. He has a set of reasons for not being more involved, like when He forgets the appointment or date with you. His reasons leave
little room for debate, such as focusing on his career, hurt by an ex or he is too busy to give time and energy. If he were interested, he would find solutions, not excuses.

5. He stops holding your hand in public places and keeps distant from you during walking.

6. He doesn't talk much anymore of how his day went by as he usually does before.

7. He is emotionally unavailable when you needed him most. He is never concern about your well-being.

8. He stops asking details about you which means he is not interested in you or your life anymore.

9. He is less interested in intimate contact or only wants to be with you physically when it is last minute or he has been drinking.
The amount of contact is less frequent or has stopped.

10. He is not 100% focus on you during your date. He looks at other women even when you are around.

11. He does not bring up the future. Even if you are not planning for a wedding and children, he will not plan for your next vacation or long weekend.

12. He is self-involved and absorbed only with him. He is physically present but you know that his mind is somewhere else during your date.

13. He stop asking you out and always makes promises that he will do next time but he never does them

14. He stops giving you compliments and stop being nice to you.

15. He is always busy with something else; He will have time for other things and never gives you a minute of his day.

16. He does not involve you in his family life or make an effort to introduce you to family or friends.He does not invite you to
social functions. He does not make himself available to meet your friends and family

17. He will spend less and lesser time communicating with you on a regular basis and then suddenly stops with no communication at

18. He talks about other women and shows an overt interest. He stays close or initiates contact with an ex. A man who is
interested in you will be paying attention to you.

If you are seeing some of the signs above, you better get yourself ready for a possible break up. But don't be discouraged and don't pour your heart out to this kind of guy who is not worthy your time and love anyway.

Someone better may come who is willing to share and enjoy life with you on a daily basis. Don't settle for less but settle for the best in your love relationship.

Someone out there is a perfect match for you…

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