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Odimegwu and his traditional gibberish

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Odimegwu Onwumere, if for nothing else has succeeded in drawing attention to himself with his self effacing mudsling. It is rather not surprising since most of his kind and other dark horses in the penning job; cast caution to the wind and go for the negative at all cost, embarking on senseless T A bashing.

There is every evidence that this inglorious writer is not sure of his facts as there were obvious confusions in his gibberish borne in the Guardian of Saturday, January 12 2013. In paragraph two, he talked of the Governor throwing a challenge to the people of the state, while in paragraph three he said same quoting media reports, so which is authentic?

In the first place, there is no opposition in Abia State, what we have are ragtag and pockets of dissent who can not see anything good in T A Orji, but the fact remains that these negligible few are enemies of Abia people who want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Odimegwu is a hungry stringer and writes for a meal a page.

A good opposition can be made by a party which has in course of the election secured elective positions in any of the tiers of government. Abia is 100% PDP in the state assembly, House of Reps and the senate, so where is the opposition? Guerilla journalism like Odimegwu operates, cannot be termed an opposition, especially where he is not an Abian. He is only a spoiler doing every thing at all cost, craving for unmerited attention at the expense of Abians who are the beneficiaries of Ochendo's giant strides. If Odimegwwu wants a lesson on carrying out a formidable opposition, he should understudy ANPP or CNPP in the North, having won some Governorship and assembly seats, just as PDP has done in the South West against ACN. In Imo and Anambra states, the PDP is seriously up against APGA. PPA narrowly missed delisting just because they have one elected member in one of the south-South states. If Orji believes in PPA, why is he desperate in joining PDP?

It is a glowing fact that to all intents and purposes, that the said query issued by the PPA to the helmsman in the only state they have was high-level witch hunting based on the second term politics where Kalu who pulls the strings that controls the PPA puppetry had promised hundreds of aspirants the governorship position. It beats every imagination and political calculus that a party instead of guarding and advising their only political possession, engages in rebuking same publicly through the newspaper rather than first sending the query to the person concerned.

Odimegwu may not know and if he does, would not admit that the leadership of PPA greatly regretted this act and came physically to the Governor in the Executive Chambers of Abia State to apologize for their gross misgivings and insisted that T A should reverse his decisions. Well that was medicine after death and Abia would have been the worst for it, considering the gains of midstream party of PDP, and the resounding unity in Abia today. For Once in Abia, Onyema Ugochukwu, Senator Ike Nwachukwu, Ohuabunwa, Sen Adolph Nwagbara, sage Emma Adaelu, Vin Ogbulafor, Adighije, Enyinnaya Abaribe, name them, all speak with one voice.

Odimegwu in his desperate straw grabbing, wrote about gloomy governance and I have questions for him. Is Abia gloomy when we have peace and tranquility? The best ever experienced since the creation of the state, acknowledged by no other than the Inspector General of police, Mr MD Abubarka? History was made when Alhaji Abba Gana, former FCT Minister and his group, The National Council for Peace, came to Umuahia on Tuesday, May 15, 2012. They crowned His Excellency Dr. T. A. Orji a National Ambassador of Peace and solicited his help in assisting in peace process in the country.

Is Abia Gloomy when T.A. Orji has drastically reduced crime and kidnapping to the barest minimum and the rattled Aba residents came back in droves?

Is Abia not the land of promise when new buildings are dotting the landscape, which Odimegwu cannot deny as they are physical in geographical locations and serially chronicled by numerous newspapers, the custodians of facts. Projects which nobody have thought of like the International Conference Center, the towering workers secretariat, the judiciary complex in Umuahia and Aba are staunchly in place.

The renovated courts in Umuahia and Aba, the newly built high court and administrative buildings, the refurbished customary courtof Appeal and re-roofed House of Assembly, the robust 24 constituency offices and other buildings. Do we start from the 48 room, BCA new buildings and the improved aesthetic of most Local Government Areas? What about the New Government House that tends to change the lot of governors living in decrepit colonial house? I can go on and on.

Aba will always be cited, it is a twice told tale and we are not bothered. Surprisingly, he did not cite the orchestrated pelting and engineered protest during Ojukwu's burial. One may be forced to ask what did Kalu achieve in Abia? What special projects did he site in Aba as an Aba Boy? Which roads did he start and finish except in Igbere where he desperately sought legitimacy?

It is funny and monumentally quizzical that somebody who wasted eight years chasing shadows shamelessly turns around to disdain the person of T A Orji, the best thing to happen to Abia. We are all living witnesses that Kalu was busy raising a business empire for himself. The Sun Newspapers where he employs the likes of Adesina, Ukeh and others who reap where the did not sow a grain of corn but now engage in calumny. These shady investments were not there when Orji Kalu came to office. Likewise the Slock Airline which Obasanjo grounded because of his loud mouth and the banks in African sub region were investments made while in office against the Code of Conduct dictates.

There is good governance in Abia and Abians are happy and better for it. Having met the following, transparency, responsibility, accountability participation, responsiveness (to the needs of the people, which are the United Nations recommended parameters for good governance). Odumegwu may not know all these

I am sure that Odimegwu the inglorious apologist who wouldn't see anything wrong in OUK, the waste master, especially for his pay, beats his chest wherever he is for being read in the flagship of Nigerian publications, The Guardian, whose 'motto is conscience nurtured by truth.' Onwumere has no conscience not to talk about truth. If what we read in Patrikobi, the online news is real, and is anything to go by, Odimegwu is surely on his way back to internship for another libel suit and his recent mania for pedophilic acts.

Eddie Onuzuruike

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