Fuel Everywhere And Nowhere

Source: burningpot.com
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As May Day was celebrated worldwide yesterday it is a sad one for Nigeria as workers in the country are going through untold hardship.

Long queues are everywhere even as black marketers are having a field day selling the same petroleum products that are not readily available at sales point.

As The cost of transportation continues to rise above the ordinary Nigerians and the primary and secondary effects of the fuel crisis takes its toll, one wonders if there is hope.

The painful part of the experience is that the government of the day does not care and has not offered any explanation. We at burningpot nigeria believe they do not have any.

We cannot continue like this but unfortunately there are no remedies from those in power. We can only hope that succor will come the way of the Nigerian worker. There is fuel everywhere but nowhere, a sad tale of nationhood.


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