The Rivers State AC today joins the whole nation and indeed the world to mourn the passing of Gani Fawehinmi. The unbelievable news of the death of Gani as he was fondly known by all and sundry was received this morning with great shock.

Reacting to the news, AC Leader Prince Tonye Princewill said he was deeply saddened by Gani's passing at this critical point of our nation's history. He stated that by Gani's death, an important voice had been silenced and prayed that his lifetime of devotion to social justice, activism and the civil liberties of the oppressed will continue to inspire generations of Nigerians. He said that for Gani's life not to have been in vain, all Nigerians have a commitment to ensure that the struggle for an end to institutionalised terrorism and criminality in Nigeria continues.

Gani, during his lifetime played a crucial role in Nigeria's political history and the AC will remain proud of the enduring legacy of his exemplary life of Philanthropy, sheer doggedness and tenacity, attributes rarely found in most people.

For a long time he was a lone voice in the battlefield of wit against the might of the military junta of past administrations. In recent times, he stood firm in his resolve to oppose the oppressive policies of the Undemocratic regimes of the past 10 years. It is little wonder that he was denied “silk” –appointment as SAN- an honour coveted by all Lawyers.

As a campaigner for human and civil rights, he was loved by all and one cannot forget his face off with the FG and INEC that in no small measure resulted in the formation of parties such as ours. His support for the people of the Niger Delta Region will always be remembered.

Today, we salute a Trooper, freedom fighter, the People's lawyer and an Icon.

The Rivers State AC Leader directing, that all party functions/meetings be suspended for a week in deference to the death, has also declared a seven day mourning period to be observed by party faithful to pay tribute and honour this Icon of our time and the party's flag be flown at half-mast.

Our hearts at this time go out to all members of his family, who have lost a son, a brother and a Father.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze
Rivers State AC Publicity Secretary

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