Let the Destruction start from Nigeria – by Chukwuma

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You have to wear a dead heart and strides unconscionably for you to live in Nigeria, a friend, who just spent four months in Nigeria told me after returning from Nigeria to Los Angeles. He was on the verge of tears. He asked rhetorically, how could these so called leaders heap horror and anguish on their fellow citizens? If you are a governor, legislator, whether federal or state, local government boss, the president and other decision makers, you are devilish and you will never escape divine justice for most of your actions that have rendered Nigerians almost dead and useless in all fronts in their own land. You gather wealth for your family and you are daily busy pushing anti-people policies that will dehumanize Nigerian people. The wealth you gather for your selves and for your families will be eaten by moths. For 15 months now I have not travelled to Nigeria due to my academic engagement, so my trusted friend painted a graphical picture of the lives in Nigeria. The understanding was that peoples' lives degenerate with each passing day in Nigeria, yet there are 10% of the people, who control the wealth and enjoy stifling others to death. Why are these people wicked and deadly?

I am a Nigeria by birth, I spent most of my youthful years in Nigeria; I went through elementary school to first degree education in Nigeria and I did my NYSC service in Dukku Local Government Area of Bauchi State. There is too much Nigeria in me and all my family members are still in Nigeria except my wife and my children. I am not suffering in USA, I have a good job and attending graduate school in a good private university with USA government student loan; in all, I am having a good life in USA, but all these are nothing to me when my people in Nigeria from Bauchi to Bayelsa and around Nigeria are living in misery. How did Nigeria lose the main thrust of leadership, service to the people? On Sundays, Nigerians troop to the churches while the Muslims do their own thing on Friday in the mosques, but these religious zealots wear masks of wickedness and brutality. I am no more impressed to hear that this governor wakes up early in the morning to attend morning mass while his garment is strewn in wickedness and heartlessness. Umaru and his Muslim Lords always go to Hajj rituals in Saudi Arabia for what? As far I am concerned, Nigerians worship demons and that has been the reasons why they are heartless.

Give a Nigerian a chance and he or she will prove that it is a mistake for such an opportunity, look at what is happening in the banking sector. Of what use is the continual existence of Nigeria? Can God destroy all Nigerians any where we are and leave those five years and below to chart a new route for the country? He is God and I believe He can do a miracle to shelter the toddlers until they are capable of running the new Nigeria. There is too much greed in us, there is too much wickedness in us and there is too much wealth worshipping in us. I don't see any living Nigerian who can be a good leader at the moment; I can only excuse Babatunde Foshola a bit and if human fallibilities can be extended, then I can give a little chance to Nuhu Ribadu. Gani has gone so Nigeria is racing down the hill without any check.

If my wish can be guaranteed, all the serving South-Eastern governors need to be bumped into jail for the numerous miseries they heap on their fellow Igbos. Nothing is happening in that part of the town; they are busy currying favors for their personal grandstanding and selfishness. Do these pin heads understand that the least employed people in Nigeria are the Igbos? Ndigbo have no opportunities, so instead of these governors being creative to attract investors, so that industries built can reduce the rate of unemployment , they resort to nonsense ventures that cannot help Ndigbo. There is no role model in Nigeria and the area that has suffered the consequences of this is ndigbo. Ndigbo have lost the culture of hard work, creativity and patience. The politicians, the traders and the so called local chiefs have not helped matters, though this is a nationwide problem, but very severe in Igboland. Every Igboman wants to talk in millions, billions, posh house, jeep, attractive woman and the romance with the wealthy. Again, the same story in every nook and cranny of Nigeria.

When the statistics of the kidnapping is reeled out, check the Igbos out and they are on top and now it is becoming hard for any kidnapping to take place without the involvement of Igbo man or woman anywhere in the federation. Igbos are more in number when I read the lists of those in death row in Libya and China, why, because of the importance we attach to money and we can do anything to grab money. Limited opportunities are also the bane, so in search of survival, we are all over the globe. Coming to Igboland, the leaders of all these nefarious activities are Ndi Anambra, the black sheep of Ndigbo. Igbo is not good, it is Anambra State, the families of Ifeajuna. I hate our attitudes towards the acquisition of money. In Anambra, more than 35 candidates have lined up in PDP alone to take over from Peter Obi and no one is ready to step down for one another. Is anybody surprise? That is Ndigbo for your, a dysfunctional nation.

There is no federating part of Nigeria that is good and that has been the reason why nothing works in Nigeria. The Hausas, the Fulanis, the Yorubas, the Ijaws, the Ibibios, the Tivs, the Igalas, the Igbos and the Binis, all are liabilities to Nigeria. Nigeria has been talking about bad roads ever since I was born, dirty environment, hunger, poor infrastructure and corruption. The pipe born water installed by the colonial masters have all disappeared and we cannot power ourselves. Few people have decided to appropriate the wealth of the nation for their generation unborn, and those people they are preserving our wealth will never live to enjoy them. The sins of the fathers will be visited on them. God said that every hand should work and they are breeding morons to rule over us because of the opportunities created by the looters of our wealth, God will never permit that; their efforts will be frustrated one way or the other. God cannot elect to neglect the cries of the poor, the widows, the orphans, the prisoners, the olds and the deprived.

People like Nuhu Ribadu is run out of the country, El Rufai denied a Nigerian passport and when will this fascism end while Michael Aondokaa strides Nigeria like untiring colossus. Are we practicing democracy in Nigeria? Can a president have the right to deny any Nigerian the right to be a Nigerian? El Rufai has to go to court to assert his right. What is Nigeria becoming under the watch of Umaru? I am reiterating it here again that I prefer Olusegun Obasanjo to Umaru Yar'Adua. Obasanjo's worst sins among many were third term agenda and imposition of Umaru on all Nigerians, a punishment for rejecting his third term devil. We are moving from one demon to a higher one and the docile Nigerians will do nothing in 2011 when Umaru will be again imposed on all of us by Iwu, so I maintain my stand that Nigeria needs to be destroyed for good since we are up to no good. After all 90% of Nigeria are walking corpses. No jobs, no hospitals, no water, no security, Bayo Ohu was murdered on Sunday in his own house before his daughter and that has been the story of the country for sometimes now, no electricity, no houses, no roads, no schools, no more faith in banking, no food, kidnapping every time, no peace, no government at all levels, no good politicians, looters everywhere and they are protected. I am choked!!!!!

I am writing on behalf of the oppressed, the downtrodden, the hapless, and the olds who have no means of survival, and whose pensions are denied because they haves no person to push their cases. I am speaking for the Nigerian students whose future has been truncated by this administration. I am writing for the academics who are patriotic to remain behind, but whose pays in a year are not up to what a corrupt local government boss takes in a month. I am writing on behalf of the jobless men and women who have no hope for tomorrow. I am writing on behalf of the young men who cannot get married due to deferred hope, and the young women who after education could find neither jobs nor a men to marry them, who resort to prostitution to live, and to buy panadol for their parents during bouts of fever.

My good friend told me how the young man he met in Lagos was paid N6, 000 a month as a guard man after a university education, and he was told that his mother was ill. On his way to give that N6, 000 to his mother through a fellow village man who was going home, the money was snatched by a pick pocket. My friend told me that a long and painful cry from the young man made him to part the only N10, 000 he had in his wallet. I don't know this man, but such a story squeezed tears out from me and that has been the stories of many Nigerians. On top of these, there are many who sing songs of praises for Umaru and his wild PDP. The folks that give constructive criticisms to this lousy government of Umaru are hunted down instead of being listened to, and evaluate their counsels for a change of actions and policies. The worst thing that happened to Nigeria is the arrival of Umaru in 2007, and no thanks to Olusegun, Baba Iyabo. Please, who can explain to me why Umaru chose to go to Saudi Arabia instead of New York to rebrand Nigeria? Nigeria has no government in place and it is better for this entity, called Nigeria to disappear from human space unless a Rawlings comes to judgment.

Chukwuma I wuanyanwu, a Non-profit Executive writes from Los Angeles.

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