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The 3rd presidential debate:

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In Monday's third and final presidential debate President Obama repeatedly tried to stare down candidate Mitt Romney in an attempt to look presidential. Instead he came off looking angry and arrogant. He did not help his cause by being verbally condescending in ways that often betrayed his own ignorance of the facts. Take for example his mocking comment about the U.S. having "fewer horses and bayonets" than it had in 1916. In reality the U.S. presently has more bayonets - enough to supply an army seven times that of the one in 1916. Since 1984 it has procured around 400,000 M9s.

Obama also sarcastically suggested that "submarines and aircraft carriers" are a novelty which dramatically changed the naval campaigns in the 21st century. In fact submarines were used as far back as the American revolutionary war. The first aircraft carriers also found their service in 1914 in the Japanese navy. They were used extensively during WW2.

Do American voters really want to re-elect a Commander-in-chief who has little concept of technological advance and who doesn't know his own military's capabilities? Obama has already destroyed the economy and is intent on taking away religious freedom from the people through Obama-care. Let's hope that he is not given another four years to also be a military patsy for America's foreign enemies.

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