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The 2nd U. S. Presidential Debate:

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President Obama proved during the second presidential debate that he could get mad and angry. Unfortunately he was unable to graciously put aside his self- destructive demeanor long enough to give Americans a healthy plan for a positive future. All he could do was regurgitate a litany of failed policies while reiterating his demonic intention to stifle and suppress religious freedom in America through Obama-care.

On the heels of a timid performance in the first debate, pro-democratic CNN moderator Candy Crowley tried desperately, if not unfairly, to get Obama back in the game by repeatedly stifling Mitt Romney's early rebuttals to Obama's comments - so much so, in fact, that by the halfway mark of the debate Obama has amassed a stunning 6 minute lead over Romney in talking time. This, however, was not enough to help Obama overcome himself and put a dent in the fresh, humble, spirited and optimistic armor of the more presidential looking Mitt Romney - a man with a true vision and the right stuff to restore economic and spiritual hope and prosperity to all Americans.

The road to perdition is long and wide (Matt 7:14) and for the past 4 years Americans have been following it. On November 6 you can change the course of history but entering upon the "narrow way" with Gov. Mitt Romney.

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