FOOPP & Sycophants

By Ikenga Igbo

The leader of Action Congress (AC) in Rivers State , Prince Tonye TJT Princewill would always say that opposition was not about the AC vs. PDP but about right vs. wrong, differing opinions and voice for the voiceless, but detractors have always misconstrued the Prince of the Niger Delta Politics for his own brand of politics. They say Princewill had stopped being opposition for a long time due to his quest for a Unity Government in the state, perhaps those saying this wanted a fracas opposition state for them to know that opposition are at work. But politics of such belongs to the analogue era, we are now in digital era.

For the records, Princewill is not selfish and kleptomanic. I am saying this because since on the 26th of June a group of 43 opposition parties in Rivers State came together as one under the umbrella of the Forum of Organized Opposition Political Parties (FOOPP), tongues have not ceased wagging against Princewill.

But it wasn't Princewill who on the 27th October, 2007, gathered eight political parties namely AC, RPN, ADC, CPP, UNDP, ARP, UNPP, & ANPP to decide and withdrew their hostilities to PDP and support the Rivers State Government led by Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi. Even that the frontrunners of those political parties in the state suffered untold persecution when the unity government was taken in the hands of their lords in Abuja , without doubt, their action has today been recognized as trailblazer in political rebirth in Nigeria 's political institution.

Princewill was it not who also on the 8th of April 2009, when chairmen of 18 political parties under the auspices of FOPP convened a press conference in Port Harcourt and its leader, Chief Harry Alaye announced its decision to adopt Princewill as its consensus leader.

Princewill is not the motivator of parties merging, rather, according to Alaye, their merging would be a formidable force to move the state forward.

In earnest, Princewill has never come into politics to smear the future of Rivers State, but has come to shape its future to create a state where skirmishes will be on errand and a new hope of love, unity and peace will be the byword on everyone's lips.

Though, an activist-politician, Princewill is ever ready to lead the transformation of this new political marriage and anyone that may crop-up in the future. Princewill understands the political playing field that is required in the 21st century. He is grateful and greatly encouraged by the unity existing among the FOOPP. This unity should restore hope to many weary hearts throughout the state.

Let traducers see a sense in the FOOPP that will probably bring Rivers State to the point where personal agenda and political differences can be put on the backburner in the interest of Rivers State .

This FOOPP has, without doubt, launched into the future a renewed hope to secure a better future for the state and for the next generation. This is the hope and change we are looking for, which Prince Tonye TJT Princewill has started. Everyone is expected to join in this song of “Unity Is Strength” and Princewill had been singing it for a long time before now. Maybe, traducers are just hearing his voice now.

Ikenga Igbo writes from Orumba, Anambra State .