DNA tests for cheaters

Source: iafrica.com
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Suspect your significant other might be cheating on you? In Mexico, numerous laboratories are now offering a way to find out for sure — DNA tests.

“If someone thinks they are the victim of adultery, they can bring us underwear, a sheet, chewing gum,” which provide testers with traces of sperm, saliva or hair, said Jorge Guillen, director of one of the labs offering the service.

The test determines whether the DNA found on the sample corresponds to the client or someone else.

The process can take between four and six days and costs anywhere from 200 to 500 dollars, Guillen said.

DNA tests for private use are legal in Mexico.
“Demand for infidelity tests is growing in Mexico. I get 50 requests in a single day. It is something new to the majority of people and some of our applicants think that infidelity is in the genes,” Guillen added.

A 2008 study by a private research institute in Mexico found one in six Mexicans suspects their partners may be cheating on them.