Let's Deal With THese Miscreants

By Daily Graphic

Conflict, they say, is an integral part of the life of any society. Unpleasant as it may be, it cannot be totally eliminated from society.

Conflict management and control are, therefore, the issues that pre-occupy the attention of societies the world over, including our own here.

The conflict in Bawku, which erupted about five years ago, has become protracted and in the process defied a number of peace initiatives proposed and implemented for its resolution.

It appears to us that there are some individuals and groups who, for a variety of reasons and motives, have made up their minds that Bawku should never again see peace.

Anytime the government and well-meaning individuals and groups work hard to restore peace and security to the area, these anti-peace war mongers reach back to their hiding places, retrieve arms and ammunition and embark on shooting sprees designed to terrorise and intimidate innocent and law-abiding citizens of the area into submission.

Through such cowardly and dastardly actions, these faceless elements have sought to hold Bawku and its people hostage, and in so doing they have managed to create in the minds of the people the idea that peace and stability can return to the area only on their terms and nothing more.

We cannot and must not allow them to succeed. That is why we need to fight these miscreants relentlessly and on all fronts until they give up their diabolic agenda or be wiped off.

We, as part of this approach, have taken due notice of the prosecution and sentencing of one of these notorious trouble makers who have made life hell for the good people of Bawku and its environs.

We applaud the firm and timely decision of the Bolgatanga Circuit Court to consign to their proper places such social misfits who derive pleasure from plunging their society into chaos and seeing their people live lives of hardship and untold suffering.

In applauding this measure, we wish to call on the good people of Bawku and its environs to realise that they have always been one people, lived together and faced common problems and challenges and are, therefore, inextricably bound together by a common destiny.

This imposes on them an obligation, whether they are Kusasis, Mamprusis, Bisas, Moshies or other ethnic groups, to work together and co-operate with the security agencies to expose the lunatic fringe elements in their midst so that the law can take care of them for peace to return to the area.

We salute the security agencies for the good work and immense sacrifices they have made in their bid to secure a peace and tranquil environment for the people to live their normal lives.

It is largely in recognition of these important gains chalked up by the security forces in the area and the need for them to stay focused that we urge that thorough investigations be conducted into allegations of misconduct levelled against a few of them so that we can arrive at the truth or otherwise of the matter and be in a position to take appropriate action.

We should capitalise on the current level of calm to intensify co-operation on all fronts to smoke out the criminal elements and bring them to book to restore Bawku and its environs — the melting pot — to their past status as centres of business and commerce and prosperity for all its diverse ethnic groups.