I Love Her But I'm Confused

By Daily Graphic

We've been going out for some months now. We haven't slept together yet. As far as I'm concerned, she is a virgin although she has dated a guy before.

Recently, her ex came along and began to shower her with gifts and money. I warned her to stay away from him but she said she could handle him.

Just last week, she sent me a text message that she's been raped by her ex and she's pregnant. She is asking me to help her abort the pregnancy because she doesn't want her parents who are staunch christians to find out. I love her but I'm confused; should I help her to abort?

Charles, Accra

Hold on Charles, what help is she asking for? Someone to accompany her to the hospital or money to fund it?

Since her ex has been showering her with money and gifts, he should be in a position to foot the bills. So what is your own in this matter? Chill my brother, just chill.

I can understand how you feel since you claim to love her but in this case, the pregnancy belongs to someone else and therefore you should stay out of it.

If your girl was really raped, it should be easy to tell her folks since she was an unwilling partner and I trust they will understand. She created her own mess, so let her clean it up. I know you love her but this is not your business.