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Creativity: A tool for Development

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A new book titled, 'Creativity: How to become a Creative Person', has been launched in Accra. Written by Victor Kerlie Haenba, the 65 page book suggests, creativity as a development tool needed to keep up with current global trends.

Largely targeted at the youth who are seen as the vehicle through which creativity can be used to affect trends, the book dwells on the advancement of civilization and the need for every society to keep up with the level of its creative activities. It talks of how the evolution, development and advancement of the entire world have depended on the creative activities and actions of its members.

Addressing a gathering of students at the Presbyterian Boys Senior High School, the venue of the launch, the author gave an insight into what informed his decision to come out with the book: “I wrote this book for the purpose of helping our youth in particular to discover their unique talents and nurture them for their personal growth, success and ultimately towards national development. It is only through individual creative endeavours that our dear nation can expect to make progress within the community of nations”.

A developed, developing and an underdeveloped society or country, he said, “largely depends on the creative activities of the members of these distinct societies or countries”.

The author bemoaned what he said was the blatant disregard for the intellectual properties of creative people, which is responsible largely for too many creative persons abandoning what they do best, paving the way for square pegs to be placed in round holes in society. He admonished the authorities responsible for copyright issues to intensify their fight against piracy.

Mr. Ladi Nylander (the Chairman of the Convention Peoples Party and Chief Executive Officer of Getrade Company), who was the chairman for the occasion, called on Ghanaians to be inventive in every activity they undertake and see creativity as the only tool they can use to shape their future. He said, “You can never achieve anything if you are not creative. Never underestimate your potential. Think like a winner and you will be one. To be successful, you need to receive quality feedback. Listen to what people say about you and be ready to adapt to the feedback you receive. Life is about change and choices. The only thing we know will happen is change. On top of that change, be careful of the choices you make”.

Victor Kerlie Haenba is a well travelled author, publisher and creative consultant. He lived in Canada for close to three decades and was the first African to have his book on immigrants, 'How to be a successful Immigrant', endorsed and recommended as a textbook in the area of social change in the whole of North America. He is the main reason why, some of the literary works of Justice Sammy Azu Crabbe, Dr. M.A Barnor are still being kept in some of the nation's libraries as he advocated for these personalities to leave behind their literary works before they died. He is a former student of the Presbyterian Boys Senior High School (PRESEC) and was a columnist for the Accra Daily Mail (now The Mail).

Copies of the book were bought at GHC200, 250 and 300 by Mr. Boamah, Mr. Gadugah, both former students of PRESEC and Mr. Ladi Nylander respectively. Entertainment was provided by the PRESEC School Choir.

By: OBED BOAFO-The Accra Mall
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