I'm Dating Three Girls

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty,

I am a boy of 18 and in SHS Three. I am in a relationship with three girls. I am studying them in order to select the best one among them to be my true love.

Among the three, one is a JHS graduate and she is the one I love most. Unfortunately, she is disrespectful.

The other two are in SHS Three. The problem is that among the three girls, one of them is my Christian friend. We have been in this relationship for four years and we have promised to marry in future.

Recently, I heard bad things about her. I, therefore, need your advice whether to select one of them as a girlfriend or forget about them and go for a new girl.

Logical, Anloga

Dear Logical,
You are playing with fire and you will surely get burnt if you do not change. You are only 18 and should not be doing this, you need to build a career for yourself before you start a relationship.

As a young adult, you will be tempted to behave the way you are doing but l want you to get hold of your emotions and put on your thinking cap before it is too late to do anything.

This is the time that you will feel attracted to many of the girls you meet but you can prove to be a person with a strong personality and good morals if you do the right thing.

My dear Logical, there is one thing that can guide you in life. Whenever you are tempted to do anything, ask yourself whether you will still go ahead to do whatever it is if your parents were around or knew about it. Once you wouldn't want them to know about something that you do, then it is not right to do it.

You are wasting your youth by your behaviour and you may even get infected with a sexually transmitted disease along the way.

This behaviour is not fun and you should be ashamed of yourself for being in a relationship with three girls. What you should be doing now is concentrating on your school work to come out successfully in the WASSCE.

You are nowhere near marriage so do things that are important for your future now till you are ready to provide for yourself.

Leave those girls alone.