I Prefer Male Friends

By Daily Graphic

Dear Auntie Betty,

I am a girl of 15 years and in JHS Three. I prefer male friends to females because I am more comfortable with them.

Unfortunately, my position in church makes it difficult for me to have male friends.

Whenever my parishioners see me in the company of boys, they begin to think that they are my lovers which is not true.

Some of the parishioners even reported me to my mother which made her very angry with me.

Auntie, please what should I do to convince my mother that the boys are only my friends and not my lovers as she has been led to believe.

Joyce, Tema

Dear Joyce,
It is very important that you win the trust of your parents.

It is, therefore, up to you to prove to her that you are not what she thinks you are.

Since she doesn't want you in the company of boys, I suggest you do as she says and grab a good opportunity to have a talk with her.

Make her understand that the boys are only friends and that you are not doing anything sinister. But it is good to obey her first and later discuss issues with her.

You will be surprised that she might understand you.

Joyce, it is important that you make your mother your confidant so that you can discuss everything with her.

There is nothing wrong in having friends from the opposite sex, but it is when you pick one of them as a special friend that could make you fall to temptation. That might cause you to lead an immoral life.

I wonder why your church does not allow boys and girls to mix.