He Proposed To My Close Friend

By Daily Graphic

Dear Auntie Betty,

I am a girl of 17 years and in junior high school. A boy proposed to me and I accepted.

I love him but what has made me angry is that he has proposed to a close friend of mine just because my friend and I live in different neighbourhoods.

Since my friend told me about it, he has refused to pick my calls.

Auntie, I am now confused and I cannot even study. I need your help.

Haja, Akwatia.

Dear Haja,
Have you realised the reason why teenagers like you are constantly advised against starting a relationship at that age? Apart from such relationships affecting your education the emotional strains are always too much for a teen to bear.

This boy is interested in having fun and he will continue to woo girls who will give in to him until you girls decide to be firm and take wise decisions for your future.

It is good you know that you took a bad decision by accepting his proposal. So end it all and be wise to turn down any other proposals to you.

One principle which should guide you in your teen years is not to engage in anything that you will not be able to tell your parents about.

Once you would not want your parents to know you are in a relationship now it means it is bad for you to start one at this time.