Ghanaians urged to practice healthy lifestyles


The Health Assistant of the Home Health and Maintenance Organisation, Jonathan Gborgbortsi has reiterated the call on Ghanaians to practice healthy lifestyles to prolong their life span.  He said people often die prematurely due to unhealthy lifestyles and poor dietary habits; a situation he said is worrying. 

Speaking to Radio Ghana, Mr. Gborgbortsi said there is the need for Ghanaians to be educated on the importance of practicing healthy lifestyles to avoid diseases related to abnormalities in blood pressure and over weight. 

He said blood pressure has become one of the common ailments affecting people, especially those in their middle ages, adding that it is important for people to regularly check their blood pressure to prevent any eventualities. 

He noted that health institutions in the country must counsel individuals on health issues to enable them to make informed decisions on healthy lifestyles to help minimize ill-health.

Mr. Gborgbortsi advised all to seek treatment from competent health facilities.