Am I A Gossip?

By Daily Graphic

I chanced upon my father having an intimate conversation with his girlfriend and quickly informed my mother about it.

She was hurt and confronted my father and that led to a serious confusion in the house.

My elder sister who is three years older than me was angry and called me a gossip.

I am 19 years old and I know that it is wrong for my father to be having an affair with another woman. I only told my mother because I was hurt. Does that make me a gossip?

Majorie, Accra

Dear Majorie, in our local parlance what you did can arguably be referred to as gossiping or 'kokonsa'.

This is because if you hadn't told your mother about the intimate conversation, she would have been spared the agony of knowing about her cheating husband.

You somehow brought this upon yourself and that is why your elder sister is calling you a gossip but that is not to say what your father is doing is right.

You should know that certain issues pertaining to adults are a no-go area to children and so next time don't be too quick to make such announcements because you may not be able to contain the consequence.