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KI De Ultimate In Hot Romance With Dayo Amusa

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It's a secret affair though, the reason is because, one of the dudes who is dating Dayo is a close pal to Wasiu Ayinde, the king of Fuji, K1 De Ultimate. If you recall, when the plump but beautiful actress had the premier of her movie, Dewunmi Iberu months back, it was K1 that was on stage to entertain.

Before then, Alhaji Ayinde was said to have been on the neck of the versatile actress but she didn't fully give any concrete answer until after her movie premier when she went to appreciate Talaso crooner for his presence and one thing led to another.

Recently when K1 opened his palatial home, Dayo Amusa was said to have stayed throughout the event not as just a guest but as a very special guest and friend of the family.