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OROBOSA OMO- OJO is the Special Adviser to Governor Adams Oshiomhole on Arts, Culture and Tourism. Orobosa is also the Publisher of a community paper, the Mid West Herald. In this interview in Benin, he claims that Governor Oshiomhole has fulfilled 95 percent of his electoral promises to Edo people, dismisses insinuations of a Bini Agenda against the governor and affirms that people will return the governor for a second term. Excerpts:

ADAMS Oshiomhole was touted as a trade unionist that could not fit into the political system. To what extent has he accomplished his political goals as conceived at his political advent?

Our position and response then to those people that made such assertion was that they should wait and see. People said then that we were inexperienced and were new comers in politics.  The PDP did say that they were going to teach us political lessons that we would never forget but looking back, all the assumptions, hypocrisies and empty talks have been proved very wrong. We have not only asserted that we were new breed of politicians but have asserted ourselves as the new face of the political class in Edo State.

By and large, we have achieved 95% percent of what we set out achieve in this state. I want to say categorically without fear or favor that Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has achieved over 95% of our blueprint in our contract with Edo people. Our campaign then was tailored- made and was well planned. We have been executing our work plan such as the re-branding of the state; employment of teachers; construction and reconstruction of schools across the state, construction of roads across the three senatorial districts; hospitals etc, etc.

Gov Oshiomhole
This did not come by accident. We have achieved all we promised in our contract with the people. The redeployment of resources especially in the employment of the work force did not come by accident, but was contained in our detailed manifesto in 2007.

What is your take on the campaign that a Benin man must rule the state now?

It is on record and I stand to be challenged that there are very few people who can lay claim to the Bini agenda more than Orobosa Omo Ojo. It is on record that I begged for a Bini governor in 2007 and I was castrated by political godfathers of the state because we were bold to stand as a cultural -political class that demanded for a Bini man as governor in 2007.  But most of us have now realized that we are now doing better.

The progressive Bini men and women, the true leaders, the traditional institution, the young men among them that are still left in the civil society group have said a word; enough is enough for those depriving the generality of the people from Edo South. They should stop depriving Edo South of their rightful place in the comity of Edo State.

As far as I am concerned, the Bini agenda as it is now is a parochial thing, a kind of a mortgage decision; we are very happy right now, because the two urban local government areas, Egor and Ikpoba are now like Benin - City. The governor is an Etsako man who has thought it wise to revamp Edo South, we are grateful, we are not deceivers; the governor is detribalized and has the backing from the seven local government areas that make Edo South.

The PDP governorship candidate has promised to bring his military experience to bear in tackling the matter of insecurity in the state. Do you see him getting an advantage on that?

When the PDP carelessly accused the ACN administration of not doing enough on security, I can say that these people were in this state when armed robbers were sending letters to households ahead of their visit and the PDP government could not do anything. If they are honest enough, they will recognize that we have left that Dark Age since 1999.

When I was appointed by the Igbinedion government to revamp the Nigerian Observer Newspaper. I know where we were coming from and I know where we are and as a Chief political historian and a publisher of a community newspaper I have all the records but God knows where we are going to.  The PDP (federal) administration controls the police SSS, Air force, Army and Navy and they have been confronted with the menace of Boko Haram, they have not found answer to it; the issue of security has not been guaranteed by the PDP till now.

The Election is around the corner, what is your advice to Edo people?

First is to do is that  those who are registered and those who are to be registered should not sell their votes because most of these noise makers would want to cause problem on election day. I also advise those who have registered not to play with their voters cards, they appreciate the importance of their voters' cards.

It is like your national identification card; for those that have national identity cards, they should not give it to politicians because politicians will not return it to them and INEC may not give you again.