My Handwriting Is Bad

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty,

I am a 12-year-old boy in JHS Two. My handwriting is bad. Anytime I do my exercises, my teachers complain about my handwriting.

They find it difficult to mark my work. Sometimes I am punished for that, and my friends always laugh at me. How can I change my handwriting?
Primus, Have.
Dear Primus,

Don’t be down-hearted because you can improve on your handwriting if you work at it. There are a lot of writing books you can use to practice to help you. If your writing is untidy or difficult to read most teachers would not want to spend so much time trying to read, so it is possible you might lose marks because of the way you write.

You can start improving on your handwriting from the scratch by learning how to write simple sentences clearly and neatly. Make it a daily routine. You can ask your older siblings or parents to take a look at what you do and say whether you are improving or not.

There are handwriting books on the market so your parents can buy you one if you let them know. I believe when you practice constantly you will improve on your handwriting.

Also take your time while you write so that your words will be bold and clear to enable anyone who picks your work to be able to read it. Don’t forget to space your work too. All the best.