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She Keeps Records Of Past Lovers

By Daily Graphic
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DEAR Nana Ama,

I live with my girlfriend who has her old boyfriends' dates of birth and their ages written in her diary. She becomes angry when I complain and tells me I am being immature since they are just friends to her.

She is very jealous and does not want me to have any female friends apart from her. I do not understand why it is all right with her and not with me.

Alex, Dunkwa-on-Offin.

Dear Alex,

I appreciate your concerns and I expect your girlfriend to also recognise your anxiety and find a better way of assuring you of her love rather than describing you as immature.

Both of you have every right to have friends of the opposite sex but anything that creates tension, especially relationships with ex-lovers, should be handled with a lot of tact.

In a very loving way, tell your girlfriend that her insistence on keeping information about “old boyfriends” in her diary is disturbing you and if she really loves you and cares about how you feel, I am sure she will listen to you and do what will make both of you happy.

This does not mean that the two of you cannot make friends with persons of the opposite sex. However, it is better if his male friends are your friends and vice-versa.