Should I Tell Him What l Think Of Him?

By Daily Graphic

Dear Nana Ama,

I am 21 years old and a SHS graduate while he is 26 years and a university graduate. We have been in a relationship for six months and met when he came to do his national service in our town.

He told me he would do anything for me which made me to fall for him because I thought he cared about me.

All the time we were together, I never asked him for anything till he left after completing his national service. When he left, for about a month, I was the one who most of the time called.

I once called him and asked him to send me GHC1 phone credit. It took very long for him to respond to my request so I called to ask why it took him so long to send just GHC1 credit. He replied that I was ungrateful.

Meanwhile, when he eventually sent the credit I sent him a text message to thank him for it.

Nana, since then he has refused to talk to me. When I call, he either cuts the call or will not pick it at all. If we are to talk about ingratitude, he is the one who has been ungrateful because my parents helped him a lot but when he left, he never called even once to say thank you or find out how they were faring.

Should I continue to call him or I should just forget about him and move on? I have even decided to travel to his place to tell him he is the one being ungrateful and making me look like a fool. He promised to marry me and he told my mother about it. I feel used and dumped. Nana, what should I do?

Josephine, Nakolo.

Dear Josephine,

It looks like your friend has developed cold feet but doesn't have the nerve to tell you. No, you shouldn't pay him a visit to tell him what you think of him. You'll only make him feel better about himself.

Understand that if a guy cares about you, he would make time to talk to you and will like to hear your voice and want to know what's happening with you and so on.

That means he will call you often and not wait for you to call as he did. He doesn't care for you or he would call.

Think of it as being over and try to move on. I know it's hard but you need to maintain your dignity. Raise your head and dry your tears because you will be fine with time.

I don't think he deserves to have someone like you who cares about him so much to the extent of getting your parents to support him.

You deserve to be with someone who respects and reciprocates your feelings. After a while, you will be over this young man. The world is full of a lot of nice people. Get out there and meet new people to help you move on with your life.