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Sonni Kwabena Amoako Akoanor
Sonni Kwabena Amoako Akoanor

Name: Sonni Kwabena Amoako Akoanor

Date Of Birth: 6-6-1982

Place Of Birth: Ghana

Music: Dance Hall, Hip Life, High Life, Reggae, R&B, Hip Pop

BIOGRAPHY Sonniballi; born Sonny Kwabena Amoako Akoanor in Accra Ghana, is the next rising star on the Ghanaian popular music circuit. His infectious style of music merges the vibrant sounds of the popular 'Hip Life' genre from his home country, with the conscious spiritual vibe of Jamaican 'Roots Reggae'. Born into a typical Christian family in Ghana, Sonniballi was the first of three children. His parents had hopes of him becoming a medical doctor. However at the tender age of 9 years, Sonniballi discovered his musical talents when he began to sing in the choir of his local Methodist church.

At the age of 17 and strongly against his parents wishes Sonny decided to forge a career for himself in music. His first taste of success came at the age of 18 when he was discovered by American producer Nana King who worked with him on his first single. Sonny then went on to start a musical group called 'G Life' with three other friends. The group made two successful albums together namely; Kotoho-'take a bow' and Abrabo in Ghana- 'Life in Ghana' but disbanded shortly after. For another few years following 'G Life', sonny carried on making successful collaborations with major Ghanaian artistes such as Mary Agyapong on a hit single called Adede meaning 'sweet taboo'. He also teamed up with other artistes such as Slim Buster on the single 'Georgina' as well as collaborations with Lord Kenya to name a few. In 2001 Sonny migrated to England to expand his musical opportunities.

After a few years of networking Sonniballi teamed up with London Based producer Eugene Nartey and CEO of 'Bad Habbit' records Bright Okah to begin work o his his debut album entitled 'First Scene Second'. A singer, songwriter, poet and avid story teller, Sonniballi incorporates all his talents in his debut album while successfully managing to balance the traditional with the contemporary. His songs as he reports draw on his own personal life experiences and his guiding Rastafarian principles .'First Scene Second' although heavily influenced by his love of Jamaican Reggae music, sonni is intent on staying true to his roots.

'My culture is my identity and that is important to me but I don't just do music for my local audience I do music that anyone can identify with and enjoy' With catchy, energetic, feel good tracks 'First Scene Second' is set to be a sure fire hit. Apart from being a fun album Sonni's freshman album also carries a positive theme. 'The main message in his music is love as evident in tracks such as 'Ama Fimpomah' Which express his own deep experiences of being in love 'I want to spread the message of love, all types of love; Intimate love, love for family, love for self and love for others'. Sonni is intent on not only entertaining but also sending out 'positive vibrations' in his music. 'I call myself the 'Soul Healer' because that is what I aim to do through my music, I might not have become a medical healer like my parents wanted but I am still a Soul Healer through my music'. 'First Scene Second' drops autumn 2009.

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