Is the Acai berry the answere to great health?

By Mixey Blob

Most people have heard of the Acai berry , and equally most people have probably heard a good deal of the claims that have been made about this superfood. It's been proclaimed as a miracle-food by many scientists and nutritionists and has been heralded as one of the world's great weight loss foods. But apart from assisting people to shed those unwanted pounds it can also help lower high cholesterol, stabilize blood-sugar and some people have even claimed that acai-berry extracts have helped improve their eyesight. (At the time of writing, sadly, I have not actually seen or heard of any authoritative claim of acai berry being beneficial for improving eyesight!)

But still acai berries and acai berry extracts do have some amazingly valuable health properties and it is indeed a wonder that so much could be packed into such a small purple berry. It's rich in dietary fiber and omega fatty acids, and it contains a powerfull 'health-cocktail' of antioxidants, which help to remove damaging free radical particles from the body. But my primary interest in acai berry here -- whether as a powder or juice -- is for its colon-cleansing abilities.

What makes the acai berry so good for cleansing your colon is its fiber profile. The berry, which grows in the Brazilian rain forest, has lots of soluble and insoluble fiber, both of which are important for colon cleansing.

It is fiber that is primarily responsible for getting things moving in your body and it helps push all the toxic crud out. And it's fiber that keeps you regular. If you have ever suffered from constipation, even just for a couple of days, you know how important that is!

As well as its valuable fiber content, the acai berry's nutrients assist in lessening intestinal inflammation. Long-term inflammation can produce many unpleasant symptoms ranging from tiredness to flatulence to cramping. Inflammation of the large intestine or colon, which is the lower of the two human intestines and where water and many nutrients are absorbed, is often the most pressing reason for people to undertake a detoxification or cleansing program of the colon.

It doesn't stop there! The acai berry is the next best fruit after the Maqui berry Anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are one of the main anti-inflammatory – found in many purple-skinned fruits but rarely in so concentrated a form. So there is more than one pretty good reason to make acai part of your colon cleansing effort.

As in all dietary and health issues, there is a strong need to apply common-sense. There is a lot of exaggeration out there. Bear in mind that an acai berry supplement in your diet is not going to cure everything and anything that may be wrong with you. But it can help. The main thing to remember is that when you add acai berry to your diet and start helping cleanse your intestinal plaque, you can undo that good work by eating unhealthy foods in the rest of your diet.

So, make sure you are cutting out rich, fattening foods and processed carbohydrates and starches, including sugar. That means especially avoiding bakery products and fried foods. To help acai help you, ensure every day that you are eating more fresh fruits and vegetables than usual, to get the full benefits of an 'at-home' colon cleanse.