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Belinda Baidoo

“In 2005, I organized a fashion show in New York to raise money for the orphanage in Ghana. This is something that I will like to do every year in Ghana or when I'm out of the country. But I can not do it alone I need help from my people to do this. We need to learn to work together and do something good to help your own country.” Belinda Baidoo

“The first day I saw my face at Time Square. It was a job I did for Motorola, -and it was up there for almost two years.” Belinda Baidoo

Ghana Rising [a new blog, that celebrates all the yummy goodness of contemporary Ghana] -has an exciting; exclusive interview with Ghanaian Supermodel, Belinda Baidoo

Ghana Rising is the brainchild of Paulina Opoku-Gyimah -a fashion stylist based in London. Paulina Opoku-Gyimah has worked for Elle Magazine, TIME (Warner), The Sunday Times Style Magazine and Star Magazine. She has over seven years of High fashion experience and is working on a new magazine -aimed at; -the international, professional, 18-45, -ABC'1 Ghanaian woman.

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