Getting rid of love handles - a physiological fact

By Mixey Blob

It's a physiological fact that you can't burn fat from one specific part of the body, when you exercise any part, your fat burns evenly from the whole body to supply energy. So knowing how to get rid of love handles also means knowing how to lose weight. Losing weight is the only safest way to get rid of love handles and off course by engaging in a good weight loss plan there are other wonderful benefits to be obtained such as, looking and feeling better. This means dieting, dieting in combination with exercise will certainly help you get rid of love handles faster.

But as a former military physical training instructor (RN). I can tell you “I have never seen a man or woman of a sane mind damage them selves with a sensible diet, but I have seen many people hurt them selves, because of sudden exercise routines”. So! if you are out of condition I don't recommend that you go overboard on the exercise until you have built your physical fitness up, light stretching exercises are a great place to start.

So what about dieting! This is a subject that can send shivers down many peoples spines and can bring back memories of “failure” if this is you, and you have failed with misery in past “dieting” don't worry, most dieters do.

The prime reason for failure is because many people innocently choose diet plans they can't maintain within their present life style, dieting turns from fun to an inconvenience, then becomes stressful and eventually a metaphorical nightmare. So! if you want to know how to get rid of love handles, I recommend you do some research into diet plans. There are hundreds of diet plans around, some good, and some bad. But without a doubt the secret to removing love handles and other unwanted conditions such as “ Muciod Plaque ” is in finding a diet plan that will comfortably fit into your present life style. Once you have resolved the issue of diets and diet plans fitting with you, rather than you trying fit with it, you will at once resolved the problem of how to get rid of love handles, but here is the bonus! When you get rid of love handle you will also get rid of every thing else to do with excesses body fat and a new “you” will appear so get move' in, and find that diet plan, and don't look back.

Another thing to consider is dietary supplement like Green tea, Acia berry products such as Acaiburn or Acai plus. How successful these products are for dieters I really don't know, but many people rave about them.