Mucoid Plaque, Acai Berries, Goji Juice - Just Gimme Some Truth!

By Mixey Blob

Well, let's just take Mucoid plaque to start with. The argument has gone back and forth for years now. Does it exist or doesn't it? Does it cause obesity, premature ageing, exhaustion, general ill-health or doesn't it? How much more complicated can it get with new claims that trendy health products such as Acai burn can help get rid of mucoid plaque ... and other claims that acai berries are no more effective than cherries ... and then yet other claims that, in fact, cherries will get rid of mucoid plaque too? But goji juice is better. Or - is it? What about claims for wanaki-manaki berries? (BTW, I just made that up.)

Feeling confused yet?
To make matters worse, health practitioners who specialise in getting rid of Mucoid plaque are only too happy to try to discredit regular general medical practitioners who don't think there's any such thing as charlatans or dogs-in-the-manger. And regular general medical practitioners are all too glad in many instances to label alternative medicine and its promotion of acai or green tea as 'quackery' or 'scams'.

It all gets very difficult for the person who wants to do something about his or her own symptoms to separate real fact from false fiction. Especially when it's something vague like 'tiredness' which it's difficult for even an expert to diagnose.

In the end, when authorities disagree, what is the poor individual supposed to think who just wants a solution to his or her health problem - fast?

Unfair as it may seem, it's actually up to you to work out from the evidence what the truth is - bearing in mind that just because one person is certain they have mucoid plaque and can do something about it, it doesn't mean that that's true for someone else! We all have very different bodies and even dietary requirements are not the same from person to person. One man's acai berry may be another man's allergy cure!

So if you want the final truth about mucoid plaque, acaiburn and all the rest of the hot health questions of the day, here's the real deal. You can listen to any number of experts arguing with each other on the internet and media for the rest of time.

Or, you can work out the best deal on good quality products and try them out for yourself. Sure, you will spend some money in doing so. But you will have genuine, scientific, experimental proof of whether it works or not for YOU. End of question.