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One thing that is unique about star actress, Sola Shobowale is that she usually takes up challenging but nasty roles, roles that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats, as well as wanting to punch her nose in revenge.

Indeed, the screen diva has never settled for less than a mean role in her acting career spanning several years. Hear her: 'All my roles have been challenging.

Not even one is not challenging. Everything has been challenging because I would not play roles that are not mean. If it's not challenging, it's going to be wishy-washy and nobody will like it. I've been in the business of acting since I was in secondary school. And it's something I love doing.'

In a quick chat with The Entertainer, the screen idol, who is popularly known as Toyin Tomato; speaks on her motivation, challenges and the need for parents to devote more time to their children.

Challenging roles
The challenging roles I play in movies make me feel good. When people ask: 'are you really like that?' 'Are you that mean?' I am happy and feel glad doing what I am doing. But what most people don't know is that Sola Shobowale is different from Toyin Tomato. I know my onions. I'm not mean in real life.

Sex for role
No, no, no. I don't know why people talk about artistes, most especially, actresses when it comes to sex for roles. What happens to lawyers? What happens to bankers? How about secretaries, what happens to them? Nurses, how about them? I believe anything that happens in an artiste's life can also happen in the life of a nurse, doctor, teacher, and secretary because we're all human. We're not different from each other. No way. It's also as though divorce happens only among the artistes, no.

Celebrity endorsement
When my time comes, they'll fetch me out. But, let me tell you something; I don't have any comment on who's endorsed or who's not because we're all individuals. You're entitled to your opinions and actions. What you think is right, you do it. So, if anybody goes out to endorse anything, that's his own cup of tea. I do what I feel like doing. I'm not here to judge anybody.

On marriage
Yes, I'm married. My spouse doesn't nurse any ill feeling whenever I play romantic roles. There's something about me, when they give me a script, I do what I can with it. And you see me in lots of movies, the ones I can do, I make sure I do well.

Advice to parents
Parents should please create time for their children. Because when the foundation is strong, you'll never go astray. So, this goes to our parents. There are some children with good background but because of greed, they get involved in bad things. And again, other ones easily influence children. When kids are sent to school, what they do at school parents don't know. So, we just keep praying to God for good direction. That's all. But, the bottom-line is that we must lay a good foundation, we must create time for our children. And then support them with prayers.