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Gary Foxcroft And The Second Child Witch Scam

By Prici Inyang
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With all due respect Foxcroft, you are a colossal disgrace. I read your self serving commentary with utter disgust. You are pitiful. You have zero credibility and absolutely no character. Seriously, I wish you would quit writing on Ibom forum altogether. At one point, you were being hounded like a junkyard dog by the very people you are now full of praise for. Many good people on this forum, both within and outside Nigeria stuck their necks out in your defense when the same Akpabio government went to great lengths to not only rubbish you, but to create an hostile environment which placed your life and that of Sam Itauma at risk. Do you recall those scary days Foxy? At one point, Commissioner Aniekan Umanah made very serious allegations of child trafficking against you. He claimed that you illegally transported children to Abeokuta with the intent of trafficking them. We came to your defense demanding that he provide proof of his absurd accusations. Then they accused you and Sam of defrauding charity donors. Do you recall that? The numerous charge of embezzlement by Aniekan Umanna forced to publicly disclose your Organization's financial records. Even after public disclosure of your finances, the same government was busy crafting new accusations against you using that as the basis for further harassment.

If I recall correctly, you were forced to leave Akwa-Ibom State for fear of your life right? They ran you out of town like an outlaw and did their best to discredit you in the process. People in this medium including myself, would not allow them soil your reputation and character. (that of you and Sam Itauma)

Now here you are after selling out your very trustworthy associate, Sam Itauma, shamelessly heaping redundant praises on the very people who just over a year ago would have murdered you in cold blood were you not a White British "charity" worker whose youtube video of Nigeria's 'witch' children beamed the spotlight on Akwa-Ibom state and on the administration. Yes, interestingly, being white in the most notorious of societies in Africa still carries some weight. Locals who have caused Godswill Akpabio much less headache or embarrassment are either dead, missing, or both. But you've re-emerged and danced your way back the treacherous turncoat that you are, singing melodious praises of your one time foe like a fine soloist in an opera house, much to the delight of recent turncoats and traitors, who themselves have surrendered to Akpabio's 'charm' and drank of his corruptible wine. I still recall Commissioner Umanna dismissing you as an arrogant Colonialist still operating in Africa with that familiar Colonial mentality. In his own grand delusion, he declared to you that Colonialism ended in Nigeria in 1960. I bet you laughed at his naivete.

Foxy, like a true fox, you sure are one mysterious piece of work. Could have fooled us. You threw Sam Itauma under the bus and now pal around with the very people who sort to destroy him. On numerous occasion, you shared your ordeal publicly on this forum, and gathered sympathy. Even some die hard supporters of the administration like Favor Onobo and others objected to the government's treatment of you and Sam Itauma. For you now to stage a 360 reversal and glorify the same entity who in their malicious hounding of Sam Itauma, (your former partner) were willing to assault some of the children and staff of CRARN who you claim to care so much about, speaks volumes about you. You are like a slick oily two bit hustler. Shame on you. By the way, Children in Afghanistan need help. The Taliban has stripped them of all rights. Maybe you should visit Kabul and make a youtube video about the mistreatment of Children under the Taliban. Pitiful!!!

Princi (FL)

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