Things that it's OK to lie about

By Ghanamma

Here are some things that it's okay to lie about:
1. The number of sexual partners you've had plus or minus five

2. That you totally just washed your hands
3. That the reason for your bags is not, in fact, that you were out late partying but that you were up late reading "Twilight"

4. That you're naturally toned
5. How much you paid for that (ridiculously cheap) pair of shoes

6. How much you paid for that (ridiculously expensive) bag

7. That you're not planning on seeing "Marley & Me"

8. That your favorite magazine is, duh, The New Yorker

9. That you can not do a headstand in yoga class
10. That you made that lasagna yourself
11. Your height and weight on your driver's license