Couples' Night uniting broken marriages

By The Statesman

One of the hottest shows in Ghana which unites couples, "Couples Night' has been held in Accra.

The show, which took place Saturday night, attracted hundreds of couples both young and old, across the country. They enjoyed and felt the sweetness and the true nature of al love.

At the function were lyrics of romantic songs from two Ghanaian hip-life artistes namely, Money face and Chicken. There was also a live performance from the Aursogu drama company who exhibited how love works among couples.

This program, which is popularly known on the air waves as "Odo Ahomasuo' is aired on Adom FM every Wednesday and Saturday from 10:00pm to 1:30am, and rounds-up annually as the grand finale.

In an interview with The Statesman , the host of the show, Joyce Akuma Dongetey-Padi, popularly known in showbiz as Akuma Mama Zimbi, a presenter on Adom FM and an actress, disclosed that the main purpose of hosting the program was to give couples the opportunity to express their love to their partners.

According to her, most couples, especially women, are at times shy to approach their partners on love issues especially on sex matters, 'but with the aid of the program, couples now know how to manage their sexual lives.'

Not only is this show meant for married couples, but she indicated that those in courtship are included because she believed that once there was a courtship there would definitely be a marriage.

Again, she said 'there are some people who are living together as husband and wife under the same roof but are not married, therefore they have to be educated about their sexual lives.'

Akuma, expressing her joy over how sophisticated the programme was becoming, added that it had really changed the lives of many couples to the extent that even those who were on the verge of divorce had gotten united.

At the end of the show, the 1st Best Couples Award went to Mr. & Mrs. Richard Quainoo with an over-night weekend stay at the Holy Trinity Health and Spa Restaurant with free food and full time honeymoon treatment. In addition to these, they also received one Latex Foam mattress, Larota wine and chocolates.

Mr. Quainoo, in an interview told this paper that he was very excited about the award because he wasn't expecting it.

He affirmed, 'This show has really helped us a lot because in recent times I"ve been seeing smiles on my wife's face. It has made us more   united than before. I will therefore advise my fellow couples to understand one another"s opinion.

Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Baffoe, who emerged the 2nd Best Couples, also had a weekend stay at the Holy Trinity Health and Spa Restaurant,two boxes of ice, purified water, assorted drinks, Larota wine and products from Cocoa Processing Company.

The event was sponsored by Golden Tree Chocolate, Ice Cool Purified Water, Dannis Decorations, Latex Foam, Ash Impression, Earl-beam Hotel, and Holy Trinity Health and Spa-Sogakope, among others.