It's Good To Help Others

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 It s Good To Help Others
It s Good To Help Others
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I bet you like it when someone does something nice for you. Well, most people like it too. In fact, we all do. But you should not be at the receiving end all the time. You must also learn to serve others.

It is true that many people do not do that. Most people want others to serve them, but that should not be the case always.

Jesus washed the feet of His disciples to demonstrate to them the importance of serving others to make them humble. He didn't want them to think about themselves alone but about others too.

During this Christmas holidays, learn to serve your parents, siblings and other people in your neighbourhood, especially the elderly.

It is not hard to serve other people. If you watch closely, you will discover many things that you can do for others.

You can for instance, help your mother with cooking, cleaning and also doing the marketing at home. If you have younger siblings you can help take care of them.

By serving your younger brothers and sisters, you will be going according to the dictates of the Bible.

Maybe you can help them learn how to put their toys away when they finish playing with them. Or you can help them get dressed or make their bed.

Can you think of anything else you can do for them? They will love you for doing these things.

In school too, you can always lend a hand to your classmates or your teacher. If someone drops his books, it will be kind of you to help pick them up. If someone falls sick in school, you can lend a helping hand by giving him or her your love or support that can make him or her feel better.

You may offer to clean the blackboard or do something else for your teacher. Even opening the door for someone is a kind gesture.

At times you will realise that people will not thank you for serving them, but that should not stop you from doing good deeds.

Never hold back from serving other people. Doing good unto others makes you feel good within. As the Bible admonishes us, there is more blessing in giving than in receiving.

God in heaven will see the good work you are doing and reward you accordingly. So be a good Christian and help others. By Hannah A. Amoah