How to keept your relation strong

By Mirror

When a relationship is new and fresh we find it hard to imagine that it will ever end. But in many cases the newness wears off after a period of time and we begin to see problems with our partner. We may even begin taking them for granted.

Eventually the thrill is 'gone and the relationship withers. Keeping a relationship strong requires some essential elements.

To begin, if there is not a true friendship then the relationship is not likely to last long.

That is why I always suggest that a couple explore their friendship first before diving into a relationship. It is important to develop an understanding and appreciation of what makes the other person tick.

This may sound old-fashioned and simplistic but if you examine the relationships that you are familiar with you will probably find that the ones built on friendship are strong and flourishing while the others, the ones where the couple appear to have few common interests, seem to struggle to survive.

During the initial exploration phase of the friendship it is wise to discuss future goals and plans.

After all, if this is the beginning of a long-term relationship you will want to be on-board with those plans, nix them, or find a compromise that works for both of you.

You see, the friendship will provide that each partner learns about the other and respects the desires, dreams and goals that he has. Compromises are not always easy but in almost every situation an agreeable solution can be worked out.

Another important element to a relationship is having some ground rules when it comes to disagreements.

It is vital that the couple learn to talk about problems rather than argue about them.

Openly discuss in the beginning what is and is not acceptable in the relationship. This includes any expectations that each of you may have of the other. Decide early in the, relationship how to deal with disagreements.

Simply talking things out will go a long way in keeping the relationship strong. Some couples agree to never end the day with angry feelings toward the other.

It is wise to realise that each day is a new beginning. No matter what has happened up until now you have today to work on a solution.

Take each day as a new opportunity to make things better than the day before.

Dwelling on the past will not help; focus on now and tomorrow. This will build a strong relationship that will not fail. Even when things seem hopeless the appropriate actions can turn the situation around.