The amazing benefits of marriage

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According to the Good Book when God created the first man, he realized that it was good for him to be alone. He could have created more men but in his wisdom , He created a woman, blessed them and called his creation good.

Marriage then is God's finest touch to his creation. It is what completes all that is mysterious and beautiful about our maker. It is our maker's idea to use marriage to bless us. Marriage, therefore, has many benefits.


In marriage, you have your closest friend and someone you can't do without. You can lean on and trust each other completely because you will always be there for each other. You have someone to share all areas of your life - aspirations, values, finance, spirituality, success and failures. This friendship built on trust brings progress, strength and happiness. No human relationship offers a greater pleasure than friendship in marriage.


Men and women are totally different emotionally, mentally, socially and physically. When we marry we bring together our unique differences for combined strength. One may be over powered but two defend themselves. If one falls one can lift you up. In Akan we say that if one tree faces strong wing alone, it falls.


Our maker is love. He made us in His image. Love is the meaning of life. It is in marriage that we show the highest form of love by our kindness, patience, humility and forgiving spirit, honesty, trust, hope and perseverance. We show passion, intimacy and commitment.

We show true love when we put the happiness and interest of our lovers above us to make them better and stronger.

Scientific evidence

Research across the world shows that couples are physically and emotionally healthier, live longer and have lesser cases of psychiatric disorders. They have more wealth and economic assets because they are less limited to inactivity due to illness.

They have lesser crime rate, lesser happiness or fulfillment. They are less prone to alcoholism, suicide and accidents.

Studies also show that children raised by their parents have lesser physical, mental and emotional problems. They are also known to live longer.

Marriage is vital for our society and nation. Studies indicate that married men and women do significantly better in all measures of wellbeing than their unmarried counterparts.

Research also shows that Self-Reported Happiness (people who say they are happy) is highest in married men and women as compared to the divorced, widowed, separated and never married. Good marriage then creates happy individuals, stronger families and a happy nation.

Gottman, a marriage expert, believes that people in stable marriage express five times as much positive feelings than the unmarried. They marginalise negatives and promote positive behaviour. When trouble strikes, they turn to each other. They show true love, companionship and support. They, therefore, have greater ability to cope with stress. Marriage then becomes the best prescription for healthy and happy life.

Why we don't see benefits in marriage

Marriages fail due to ignorance of the true purpose for it. We suffer for lack of knowledge. If true purpose of marriage is not known, abuse is inevitable. Today instead of love, support and companionship couples show selfishness, intolerance, hostility, abuse, revenge and negative mental attitude.

We may have heard many times the story of the very poor Africans who had lots of diamond all around them but were throwing them away. If only they knew the diamonds could transform their lives. Similarly, only couples know the enormous benefits and special advantages they enjoy in marriage. Unfortunately, due to ignorance, many live in marriages without knowing its amazing benefits. Pain, disappointment and divorce are therefore very common in our marriages today.

Our maker has made marriage a permanent feature for humanity because it has many benefits to individuals and society. This explains why self sufficiency and completeness in single life will always be a myth. We deserve to be in this sacred institution of marriage.

Our maker says it is not good for us to be alone. Believe Him. Our maker says he who finds a wife finds a good thing and receives favour from Him. Believe Him. You should not allow the challenges you face in your marriages to make you lose sight of the amazing benefits you have. You must refuse to let your limitations limit you of the limitless and amazing benefits of marriage.

Stay married and stay blessed.

Credit: John Boakye [E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 0208181861

Source: The Mirror