When the aliens came for rain

By Myjoyonline
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In a room, a grandmother sits on her granddaughter's bed to tell her a story. Her granddaughter's name is Martha and her room is decorated with an alien bedspread and posters of aliens from books and the Star Wars movie

“Do you believe in aliens?” asks her grandmother. “Yes," answers Martha in her little voice. "Then you will like this story," says her grandmother. Then she begins:

"A long time ago, when I was on my way to my friend's birthday party, it started raining and I had to turn and go back home. When I reached home I started reading a book. After some time when I looked out the window I saw that it had stopped raining. I went closer to the window and just then there was thunder and I saw something that looked like a flying saucer.

I ran outside and I saw that it was really a flying saucer. I was scared from the beginning but when its door opened and I saw the creatures that were inside it I was even more frightened and tried to runaway. They asked me my name and I told them that my name was Monica. I also asked them their names but they told me that their parents didn't give them names.

I didn't hear every word they said but I got the last word, which was "water." I asked them what they said and they wrote a sentence on the ground. It said, "We have come for water because all the water on our planet is finished".

At that time it started raining again and I was angry because I had spent all that time talking to them instead of going to the party. Then all of a sudden a big machine came out of the flying saucer and collected all the rain water from the sky. I was so happy that I told them to come for rain anytime it rained.

Later that day when I went to the party I told my friends about the aliens but they didn't believe me because l always made up stories and they thought that was one of them.

"Tell me another story, tell me another story," said Martha when her grandmother had finished telling her the story, but her grandmother said no. "You will go to school tomorrow, so go to sleep.

“Goodnight, Martha.”

Marilyn Nanbigne is 11 years old and a class six pupil of the University of Ghana Primary School.